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The daughter of a famed blueberry girl makes others berry girls
There were many of things that may come and go in life. What no one expects to have many things turn them into food and such. There was one young woman who was making something for a bit of fun. She was influenced by her parents who became blueberries years earlier before they got married. This wasn’t good but apparently very profitable. There were those who were now making it a living off of inflating themselves like balloons and getting fairly popular. This young woman loved her parents and enjoyed it when her mother does it. This was great for Casey for she has an idea that works well for her.

“Still working on the stuff?” Sara asked.

“I am. Care to help again?” Casey asked.

“I do but have to get going.”

Sara left her teen daughter to do her thing without know how close she was to completion. It would be done soon and you were glad to see how things were going to be this way. She knew that it would help those who want to be different in some way but didn’t know what it was. Her father didn’t have much in this and was supporting her financially as she did it and knew that things she could do. By that evening, it was all done. They looked nothing more than normal mints. They had a few different colors for the different flavors. Casey took one and went to find her mother. Sara came home later on and asked how it went.

“Try this and see.” Casey said.

“Looks like a normal mint.” Sara said.

“That’s what they were going to be sold as.”

She took it and looked at it. It was blue in color and tasted like blueberries when she ate it. Nothing seemed to happen due to the fact she was already blue. Casey looked at her mother closer and saw she was a darker blue. Sara didn’t notice but felt something happening. Casey took a few steps back and watched her mother beginning to swell up. She liked it and this was a success in this right. This was good and they knew she wouldn’t pop. Every inch of her already swollen figure that was growing and she liked it. Her beach ball butt and massive boobs were going to be far bigger soon when her belly matches their already swelling size. Sara liked this and watched as her belly grew past her breasts. Casey watched as her mother round out more and more the bigger she got. The two enjoyed this until she was done.

"This is always comforting to me." Sara said.

"How so, mom? What part of being this bloated feels comfortable?" Casey asked.

"Mainly from the tautness of my skin to the feel of the pressure within to how full I feel. It makes me like an unborn child within its mother."

Casey knew her mother could get bigger but didn't want to risk it. This concluded the blueberry one as a success. Now for the other flavors. She got a hold of a couple steamers who were inflationist’s and offered them a piece to show off on their next stream. They agreed and picked one flavor. One took pumpkin, another grape, another apple and another pear. Casey sent them out to them and they got it all planned out and ready to go. The pear girl went first the next day and knew that it'll be great. She started her steam off like normal and Casey watched the feed. All was going well and she got to the mint.

"So I was given the opportunity to try a new mint that a teen made and is supposedly being an inflation mint. You'll get to see me try and possibly blow up with it." The girl said.

She ate the mint and enjoyed its pear flavor. When it fully dissipated across her mouth and down her throat, the magic began. Everyone watching saw her skin turn a light pear green and hips began to widen. This was good and the start of her expansion. It began with her butt and hips while slowly growing up her belly and down her legs as they grew. She chatted with her viewers and enjoyed her growth. Everything was going well until her pants grew a bit tight. She tried undoing them but her girth had grown too much for that. She began to panic as she felt she was going to burst on stream from this. The button and zipper gave out and let her belly surge out. That was a relief to her and she kept growing into a large pear. When she was done, she continued the stream until she needed to be juiced.

"Next is the apple girl." Casey said.

The one that took the apple mint was from a fairly rich family and she was a bit of a gamer girl. She was already sucking on the mint and closed the tab to the first girl’s stream and about to start taking. While the system was booting up, she noticed her apple red nose. The coloring spread across her face and throughout the rest of her body. She didn't like this and panicked a bit. It was soon covering her from head to toe. That's when she began to swell up and didn't do much.

"Daddy's gonna kill me." She said.

She just watched her body blow up like a balloon as she panicked lightly. It wasn't until the sides of her belly and butt were pressing against the sides of her chair she tried getting out. She couldn't and was gradually getting more stuck. There was no hope and she prayed for it to give out before she explodes. Her legs straightened out below her as they grew thicker and thicker with apple juice. People were moving this and she began to hear rapid notifications of donations to her. Casey watched as the girl gradually leaned back and the strain of her chair under her mounting weight. Everyone watched as her head gradually disappears over her belly and she couldn't see much of her screen anymore. Her arms were forced out to her sides when they grew so thick and that's when her chair gave out.

"This girl may explode." Casey said. "That would be a blow out show ended many would love to see."

The girl had fallen to the ground and her belly was barely visible on the screen still growing. The large apple stopped when she out a groan of pain. The labored rise and fall of the red mound from her breathing meant she was still alive. After a minute, she fought to get up and ended her stream. The next up was the pumpkin girl. She had already eaten hers and turned a deep orange. She was enjoying this and was growing rather fast. The crowd loved it and hoped she becomes massive. Casey enjoyed it as well and pulled up a tab for the last girl’s stream. It was going to be a while before hers still so this was going to be good. The pumpkin girl had fairly large and baggy clothes in so she wouldn't be showing much of her body soon. While it was going on, Casey got making on the other flavors. All seemed well and were soon sent out to those who wanted them. By the time that she finished up, she saw the girl was huge and immobile under her own will. Her legs sank into her lower body and her arms barely usable. Something seemed off about her now exposed belly but can't see what her. It took a minute before she was nearly as big as a house and Casey saw what's going on with her belly. It appeared to be a carving of a face which popped out and was true. That finished it off for her.

"Let's see how the grape girl turns out." Casey said.

That stream started up and she was cutie. Casey felt something for her and wanted to meet her in person. She got her stream going like she normally would, from what Casey can tell, and enjoyed some fun. One thing someone did was donate $200 to inflate her belly to her fullest. She loved it and got to it. They wanted her to do it with water by sitting on a water faucet. She took her camera and set it up to do so. One was set up already and she sat on her knees with her butt going onto it. She got the water going and liked it. The crowd liked it and she went through it and knew that this was going to be well for her. The girls belly ballooned up as fast as the water could come and as fast as her belly could grow. Her legs were spread apart as her lower belly pressed against them. When she was at her limits, she stopped the water. The viewers loved it and how she looked with such a belly. It was like a beach ball on her. She continued to interact with the viewers and how things were in this place.

“Time to let this show begin.” Casey said.

Casey donated another $200 for her to do so. The girl noticed a couple seconds later and realized who just donated her. She knew that this was from the girl who sent the mint.

“As some of you may have caught on one of my post, I was sent a mint to try with an expansion effect. I will try it to have a little fun!” The girl said.

She took the mint out and ate it. It took a moment to take affect after she finished it. The water in her belly began to bubble up and felt a bit odd. Unlike the girls before, she was going to become a vine of grapes. Everyone watched and enjoyed her becoming a vibrant purple. This was good and she began swelling up. This played out great and the viewers loved it. After a bit, she began to panic. There were many bumps over her swollen body and she didn’t know what to do. Casey messaged her that it was part of the grape mint she got. That seemed to soothe her a bit but she still was worried. When she was at her limits, the grapes popped off her and she was perfectly alright. She thanked everyone for watching and ended the stream. Casey got into contact with all the girls were back to normal in a sense. They liked it despite the near threat of exploding. That was a risk of such things and they were trending a fair amount from that. People wanted the mints and she began sending them out. This was great and they were going to enjoy it.

“Glad to know that’s going to be a success.” Sara said.

“Same but who knows what’s going to be in the future.” Casey said.

A deal with a local candy maker. They would make the mints and sell them with part of the sales going to Casey. This was great and she got to work on other things. Her main thing was her food transformation mints. This was great and she would have little to worry about money wise as long as it goes well. Sara supported her daughter and knew her father would help support her. He got word of this and liked it. Despite all this, Casey didn’t become a berry of any kind like those who are enjoying the mints. She did that was gold in color.

“This would be interesting.” Sara said.

Casey felt it happening and watched her body beginning to blow up. She was filming it and knew that this was good. Her skin became a lovely golden tone and she became a golden apple. Those who viewed the video loved it and were supporting more of it. It would take some time before she could get something just as good.
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