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by Norman
Rated: E · Poetry · Travel · #2285879
There is so much to see.
I’ve traveled almost every state.
There is so much to see,
from Massachusetts to New York,
from Maine to Tennessee.

I’ve been to California and
I’ve seen Alaska, too.
Don’t think I missed too many states.
Well, maybe one or two.

I don’t remember Michigan,
I’m sure I saw that state.
I’d have to check my calendar
to reconfirm the date.

There are some states I really liked
but others not so much.
It all comes down to temperatures
and greenery and such.

I’ve lived in several different states,
I moved from time to time.
I liked the new experience
when I was in my prime.

But I don’t travel much these days.
I guess I’ve lost the itch.
And driving in my car for long
can often be a bitch.

Oh, now and then I hit the road
just for a little while.
But then my thoughts drift back to home
with every passing mile.

And I can tell you this, my dear,
wherever I may roam,
the best part of the trip, you know,
is when I get back home.

No matter which state I call home
it’s where I want to be.
As long as I can rest assured
you’re waiting there for me.

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