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This is more of a Biography than a Short Story. It's a Short Story too

Let the Truth Finally Be Known

     “I know most of you think that I’m crazy. Maybe even all of you do. Especially, when I’m talking about Science Faction, I mean Science Fiction. I don’t care. It doesn’t bother me. You have a right to your own opinion. Even if that opinion is wrong,” said SpaceFaction from within a clear rectangular box on the stage of “The Wilma Paulsen Show.”

     The sign for this television show was in the top half of a circle shape behind four large comfortable chairs across from a single chair. SpaceFaction was seated in one of those four large chairs. No one was sitting in the one opposite him. Wilma Paulsen was standing just to the right outside that clear box.

     “I’m not wrong,” shouted a male voice coming from someone in the audience of that studio. “You are.”

     SpaceFaction looked in his direction. Squinting his eyes almost shut to try to see him, but I couldn’t. “Like I just said, you have the right to your opinion. Apparently, I don’t.”

     “No, you don’t. Not if you are saying that you have been to every planet in this galaxy, at least once. Several of them more than once.” That time a female voice was shouting from somewhere near the male voice.

     “You forgot to mention all the other places I have been besides just planets,” said a sheepishly smiling SpaceFaction. “Including several parts of this planet.”

     Wilma was just letting this happen. She hadn’t tried to calm everyone down. To get things under control. SpaceFaction was starting to think that was what she wanted. After all, she did shows like this. She was a female version of Jerry Springer or Maury Povich. Only instead of sex and cheaters, she did shows about the unusual or the unexplainable aka shows like me.

     As SpaceFaction or someone from the audience spoke, Wilma was following them with her face and sometimes her body. Bringing her microphone up to say something every so often. She hadn’t done that in a long time. Now she did. “What part of this planet are you talking about?” Wilma asked.

     “The Bermuda Triangle, Atlantis, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster. Places like that” answered SpaceFaction.

     “Are you saying that all these places, creatures, and monsters are aliens from beyond this world?” Wilma asked.

     “Yes and no,” answered SpaceFaction. “The Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis are a yes. They are also related.”

     Wilma had a look of confusion on her face. The audience started going wild again. Asking questions and making comments. Most of those comments had to be bleeped. “What does that mean?” Wilma asked.

     “It means they are both the same,” answered SpaceFaction. Atlantis is where The Bermuda Triangle is, and The Bermuda Triangle was where Atlantis used to be.”

     “Are you sure about that?” Wilma asked. “I always thought that Atlantis was somewhere around the Greek Islands.”

     SpaceFaction’s smile got even bigger. “It was there for a long time. As well as a lot of other parts of our planet. The Bermuda Triangle was where they were living most of their time here. They did it from all over Earth because it was easier to observe us. Not to take over or destroy. Just to observe us.”

     “The television shows Stargate SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis came close to telling us the truth,” continued SpaceFaction. “It makes me wonder about their creators. If they may have had some adventures as I did.”

     “As for Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster, they are also aliens, but they weren’t here to observe us. They were left behind when the other aliens left like in the movie ET. Only they didn’t return for them,” said SpaceFaction.

     SpaceFaction took a deep breath and let it out slowly to calm down before he continued talking. “Sorry about that. I have mild Cerebral Palsy and sometimes I lose control of what I’m saying. Especially, when it comes to my knowledge of the universe and my adventures.”

     “Now where was I? Oh, yeah, I was talking about Bigfoot and The Loch Ness Monster. I don’t like the term monster because neither one of them are that. They also aren’t creatures. They’re aliens. I still don’t know why they were left behind. Probably never will, but I do know they weren’t the only ones.”

     “What does that mean?” Wilma asked. “Are you telling us that there are more like them here on Earth? How many more are there that we need to worry about?”

     SpaceFaction shook his head sadly and slowly. His humungous smile turned into a frown. “No one has to worry about them. I’m not surprised you feel that way or that you said that. That’s why I only agreed to do your show if I did it like this.”

     “I know you think as most of the rest of Earth thinks. That only aliens from beyond Earth would come here to take over or destroy us. That’s not true. Besides Bigfoot, The so-called Loch Ness Monster, and others like them, there six other alien races here back in nineteen seventy-six when I had my adventures.”

     “Oh, really,” shouted what sounded like a male voice from somewhere in the audience. SpaceFaction wasn’t looking in that direction when it happened. He was when they continued. “Are they still here? What do they look like?”

     SpaceFaction’s huge smile returned. “That depends on if you are asking me if we are still being watched or if there are any aliens in this room with us.”

     “If you’re asking about the six races back in seventy-six, I don’t know about them. They probably are or others like them. I think I may have even felt one of them a few months ago. If any of them are here, I don’t know about them or where they are.”

     “As for if there are any among us right now, I’m not going to answer that one way or another because I’m in trouble either way. If I say that there aren’t any, you will think that I’m lying to protect them, and if I say that there are some, you will want to know who they are. Then you will try to find out who they are so that they can be dealt with like someone tried to do when I got here.”

     SpaceFaction looked at the back of the room where the two white-clothed Earthlings were standing with two feds behind them. He looked at the other three foursomes in front of the exits and shook his head slowly from left to right again. No one else was with any of them anymore.

     “Big surprise,” said SpaceFaction. “The male who tried to kill me when I first got here is no longer in custody. He’s probably back in the audience with his gun right next to him.”

     Squinting, his eyes almost shut, SpaceFaction tried to look for him among about three hundred others in the audience. He did that very slowly, but he couldn’t see anyone too clearly because it was so dark in there. Only the stage where he was had enough light to see anyone aka him and Wilma.

     “If it wasn’t for me being in a small oblong bullet-proof clear box like the one, I’m in now, he would have killed me. He most likely would have gotten away with it too. It sure does look like he has Attempted Murder.”

     “Maybe that’s what the feds and white-clothing individuals wanted to happen,” continued SpaceFaction. “They may still be planning on doing that. That’s why I’m in this clear box. It’s supposed to be bulletproof. Sooner or later, I will probably find out if it is or not.”1,278

     The audience never stopped shouting questions and comments. Most of them needed to be beeped because of what they were trying to say. Every so often, one was louder than the others. One of them was about to be loud enough to be heard. That time it came from a female in the audience. “If you feel like that, then why are you here?”

     “I’m here because Wilma Paulsen asked me to come here. To tell my side of things. She wanted me to talk about the aliens that I have encountered. Especially, the ones who may still be on Earth. At least that’s what she said she wanted me to do.”

     “I don’t know how she found out about me. Maybe it was from my writing at Writing.com. It may be if the feds are watching me. Then again, it’s probably both.”

     The audience was starting to calm down a little bit. They were still asking questions and making beep-able comments, but now it wasn’t so out of control. One of those questions came from another male. “You claim that you have been to every planet in this galaxy at least once, how did you do that?”

     “I’m not for sure about that,” answered SpaceFaction. “It was some kind of a teleportation process. One second, I was in my bed asleep or on another planet and the next I was on another planet, spaceship, etc.”

     “I know what you are thinking,” continued SpaceFaction. “That I was just dreaming. That’s not what I was doing. Do you have almost the exact same dream every night for about a year? The only thing that changes are where you are, and what you are doing there.”

     Wilma turned toward SpaceFaction. “What were you doing on these planets, spaceships, etc.?”

     “Just like what the aliens have been doing coming to this planet for the last several thousand years,” said SpaceFaction. “I was there to observe them. See how they acted, and how they acted with each other.”

     “Did anyone ever see doing this?” Wilma asked.

     SpaceFaction cocked his head slightly in one direction and then the other as though he was thinking about it for around a minute before he answered that question. “The adults couldn’t see me, but sometimes a Young One that most of them all called about thirteen and below could sense me.”

     “Just like most of the adults on this planet, they either ignored it, said they were imagining it, or things like that. It’s like that in almost every place I went. The adults don’t believe what they are trying to say,” continued SpaceFaction.

     “Speaking of believing, do you really expect us to believe anything that you have been saying today?” Asked another female from the audience.

     SpaceFaction’s smile got even bigger again. “No, I don’t. I know most of you here and watching this show won’t believe any that I have said. There may be a few that do or at least are up to it being possible, but they won’t say or do anything about it because of the fear they will be labeled crazy like I am or even worse. They will be treated like I am right now.”

     “If you really feel like that, then why are you here today?” Wilma asked.

     “I’m not here because you asked me to be on your show,” answered SpaceFaction. “No, I’m here because I’m getting tired of what the so-called scientist and experts are saying about Earth and the rest of the universe.”

     SpaceFaction took another deep breath and let it out slowly before he continued. “Whether you believe me or not, I believe that what happened to me when I was sixteen happened, and that’s all that matters to me.”

     “I know that Earth isn’t ready to hear the truth about any aliens who may be here observing us and the rest of the universe. They never will be, but I think that they should know the truth. That’s why I’m on this show today.”

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