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An egotistical set designer endangers the players

Gerald surveyed the playhouse stage with a director's critical eye. An ebony table held a place setting of gold plate for one. A leather settee with a white throw pillow and a rack with a silk top hat flanked the desk.

"Amalfi," he growled at the set designer beside him, "this entire concept is impractical and over budget. I don't know how you managed to persuade the producers to approve this."

"They are people of vision. It is only you lack the imagination to appreciate it. You have stood against it from the start."

"Damn right. Did you have an engineer review the plans for the castle? Act two has the entire cast climbing that set. I'm not sure the structure is sufficient for the weight. If that set collapses--I'll make sure you will be held responsible."

"Pah. You dare to set yourself against me? The castle will stand. I guarantee it."


A tremendous creak filled the stage.

"Oh, my God! What was that?" an actress yelped amidst gasps and cries of alarm. Only half the company had mounted the castle for the first rehearsal of the scene.

"Everybody off, now!" commanded Gerald. Actors scurried down the steps or simply leapt off the set. After checking that no one was hurt, the director stormed through the wings to the back of the elaborate castle.

"Amalfi! Get over here!"

Amalfi strolled out of the Stage Crew office and peered up at the set. Several lateral beams had split and part of the platform had sagged a few inches.

"Look at those cracks!" Gregory snarled. "That could have killed or injured people."

"Beh, accidenti," Amalfi swore, "I will fire the carpenters who built it."

"No, Amalfi. The carpenters just followed your plan. You're fired. I guarantee it."

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