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This is my Life for Senior Forum life lessons learned

This is My Life

If you have been around
As much as I have
67 journeys around the sun.

Life has taught
You a lot of lessons
This is what I have learned.

Apologize for your misdeeds

Avoid negative people

Believe in yourself
Be kind to everyone
Be optimistic

Don’t be cruel

Don’t be afraid of failure
Learn from your mistakes
And the mistakes of others.

Do not engage in violence,
Either real violence, or violent rhetoric
Don’t do or say stupid stuff
Don’t be Judgmental

Follow your dreams

Learn something new every day

Love your friends

Love your spouse
Tell her every day
How much you love her
And how special she is to you.

Live in the present
The past is the past
The future is yet to come
And is unknowable.

Practice a daily act
Of random kindness.

Practice the yoga of speech
-Before speaking think of three things
Is it true, is it kind
And is it necessary to be said.

It is not true, not kind
And does not need to be said,

Remember YOLO
You are only live once.
Remember what Bugs Bunny said,
"Relax Doc,
None of us get out of life alive".

In the end
Just be thankful
You are still alive
And kicking.

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