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The sweat pours from under his hat as he ever so slowly steps up to bat he looks out across all the bases staring into all the waiting faces

Elbows bent, back is straight he swings, misses, kicks the plate takes his stand and tries again if he misses, they can't win

Slowly grips the bat with both hands watches the ball to see where it lands strike two is called, can this be only one more turn, then strike three

Once more he steps up to bat turns around his baseball hat hits the ball with mighty force sends it sailing, off course

Two strikes, now a foul he hears the crowd as they howl bat in hand and now, he swings
hits the ball into the wings

Across the field he sends it soaring fans stand up and they are roaring he runs the bases one by one no one can stop him till he's done

Across the plate he flies safe is what the umpire cries then he wakes up the dream is done once more comes the morning sun

Just an old man pushing a broom long ago forgotten in a dusty old room dreams of childhood linger here keeping an old man alive year after year

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