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Nothing is permanent except him’ for monthly poetry challenge

‘Nothing is permanent except him’.

Free verse

40 lines

When she met me
It was love at first sight
Sparks flew from heart to heart
Ishimchonshim as Koreans put it

She looked at me
As we got off the bus
In Korea

And I knew she was the one
The girl I had been dreaming of
For eight years

We exchanged phone numbers
Agreed to meet later in the week
The next night she was waiting for me
I signed her on the post where I was teaching

We went out to a coffee shop
She told me
That she had decided
I was the one for her
I was hers

I told her I felt the same way
We proposed three days later
Ever since then
Once a day or so
We recall how we met

And she thanked me
For coming into her life
And she reminds me
She had saved me

She said she did not believe
That I had been dreaming of her
For eight years

But she knew we were fated
To be together
Had been together
In our prior life

And will be together
In our next life.
For she concluded
Nothing is permanent except for him
And our endless love.

A pair of subjects will be given on the first day of every month.
You write poetry based on that subjects.
The form of the poetry may be any. You have to mention the form with your subject. Even the free-verse form should be mentioned.
The number of lines between three and fifteen. lines.
There will be a winner. The poet will get 1000 GPs.(It is applicable from the contest of December 2022)
Other good writings(If any) will be on the mentionable list. The poet(or poets) will get 200 GPs.
Judge/ Judges will select the subjects.
1. Rupali Goswami
Any donation will be accepted gratefully. If you donate at least 20K GPs, you will get a Merit Badge.
Kind Donors ▼
As a Judge, I got another nice experience at WDC. First, I want to give thanks to all participants. Without them, the competition does not have any value at all.
I observe different participants of different have their unique shades of ideas. It makes the competition successful.
There is no bad performance. But the Winner is ridinghhood-p.boutilier.
The poem of the poet is given below:--
Ode of Winter (E)
a winter's tale
#2285886 by ridinghhood-p.boutilier (236)

The special mention poems are:-
Winter (E)
A little haiku for your reading pleasure.
#1146758 by Dave (884)

Contest entry
#2285143 by Penelope Moonbeam (27)

The system is slightly changing from the round. It will start on the first day of the month and the end date will be the last day of the month. The subjects of this round are
1. ’The rhyme of festive season ’.
2. ‘Nothing is permanent except him’.
You can submit both poems.
It should have at least three lines. But it should not cross fifteen lines.
Any form of poetry is accepted.
Please mention the form of poetry and the number of lines.
Please post in b-item format.
Last date of submission:- 12/31/2022.
1 month 2 hours
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