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The spring springs forth

The spring springs forth
Filled with the promise of new life
Overwhelming one with passion

The summer unleashes
Deep, hot, humid weather
The dog days sapping energy

The autumn brings cool weather
Indian summer last’s grasp
Amid the splendid fall colors

Then the winter settles in
Long, cold yet soulful nights
The winter blues lingering.

“The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter. ’Tis the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.”
~ Mark Twain

In addition to the precise literal definition found in dictionaries, many words are imbued with shades of emotional interpretation, based on historic or cultural associations. For example, Hollywood and Sacramento are both cities in California, but Hollywood often is used to represent the glitz, glamor, celebrity, and dreams of stardom in the movie industry. "House" and "home" are both defined as "a dwelling place," but "home" carries an additional emotional connection to a sense of comfort, love and family. "Residence," "abode," "apartment," and "lodging" are other words which have basically the same literal application, but have varying implications.

Because of usage over time, words with approximately the same definition may acquire additional meanings that are either positive or negative. We may refer to someone who uses drugs as a "substance abuser," "addict," or "junky," reflecting different levels of sympathy. The various feelings, images, and memories that are evoked by a word become its connotation.

The relationship between words and meanings can be complicated and is continually shifting, depending on who is speaking or listening. Since specific words spark specific emotional reactions, poets often use these connotations to achieve a desired effect, as in

STATIC The Path (E)
to salvation in Triquatrain form.
#2023971 by Dave (890)


Your assignment: Write a poem about the changing seasons using connotations to inject fuller flavor into your composition.

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