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Refuge in the YMCA Writers’ Cramp

Refuge in the YMCA Writers’ Cramp

37 words

Sam Adams
Was homeless
Of Washington, DC

Camping out in Rock Creek Park
With a few other vets
In their army base
They called Unit 5569

They had tents
Supplies and food
Booze and drugs

But once in a while
They needed a break
A stay vacation sort to speak

Especially on cold winter days
When they would leave
Their secret base

And go to the YMCA
To get out of the snow
And the winter weather

Take a much needed
Hot shower
Work out in the gym

And have a decent dinner
And talk with other
Human beings

The YMCA folks
Were nice
Treated them

As if they were fellow human beings
Did not preach too much at them
Accepting them as they were

On Dec 9, 1850, the first YMCA in North America opened, in Montreal Canada.

Write a story or poem, set within a snow-bound YMCA. One of your characters must be homeless.

Due December 9th, 2022 before noon, WdC time. === ( Deadline: 17 hours 7 minutes 34 seconds )

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