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My son has taught me so many things, he has opened my eyes to so much, and it's kind of hard to explain so I'm going to try to present a typical day with Kaiden.

He wakes me up every morning and his first word is always good morning mammy did you have a nice sleep? he melts my heart he is an undercover angel I'm telling you.
He is a kind and understanding person most of the time haha.

He likes to line up all his cars and toys in a line and he can get quite upset if you move one this can be hard because he wants to line them up across the kitchen counter sometimes he does this just as I'm about to cook dinner or wash the dishes.

Kaiden can get a bit impatient if I move one of his toys and it's not him being bold or cheeky this stuff really wrecks his head and it can stress him out so much. iv noticed that if I move his big car that he drives around the house even by an inch if I'm walking by, he will notice he knows exactly where and how he left his car or toys.

He also makes a noise when he is going to sleep it's like he is humming but it is squeaky and sometimes it can get under my skin but iv learned to just accept it and let him do it.

When he comes home from school he really unwinds, he has been so good in school all day that when he gets home the uniform comes off he gets his fav blanket and teddy and just relaxes on the chair and I allow it because he's only five but also because his home is his safe space where he can fully be himself.

I am so proud of my little man we were told by health professionals that he would never speak and he speaks to me all the time he has come on great, he has improved so much that he got taken from the autistic unit and put into mainstream school. he amazes me and I love him more every day.
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