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Her future has arrived. As unwanted as it is unavoidable.
Scarlett’s fingers glided along the black and white keys, the music filling the air and soothing the raw edges of her emotions. She let all of it flow through her as she played, ignoring the tears coating her cheeks. The song ended in a violent, waterfall of sound that reverberated within the sudden silence that followed.

Until a ragged sob tore free and she fell forward, the discordant keys sounding in response to her movement as she leaned upon them.

“Excuse me, ma’am.”

Scarlett pulled herself upright, wiped hurriedly at her cheeks and swiveled on the piano’s bench. The maid curtsied again as she made eye contact.

“The baron is here, ma’am. Your mother has summoned you.”

“And my father?”

“He is with the baron in his study, ma’am.”

“Thank you, Eliza. You may go.”

Alone again, she stepped toward the mirror over the mantle and took in her appearance. Other than the red-rimmed eyes, she looked beautiful. It was not vanity that inspired such a thought, but general acceptance that her thin narrow nose, full lips, doe eyes and heart-shaped face made her a particularly fine, feminine specimen. Denying it would only be unnecessary false modesty.

Even the red-rimmed eyes only somehow enhanced the blue color of her eyes, making them even more stunning. She pinched her cheeks, though the move was ultimately unnecessary and left the music room to find her mother in her dressing room.

Her mother, a regal woman lessened by her desperate attempts to maintain the illusion of youth, looked up at her entrance. “There you are, my dear. Your groom is here and today you become the most illustrious woman in the county.”

Scarlett felt cold and knew it would become her new norm. Today she would become the wife of the Ice Baron.

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