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by Norman
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Chocolate cookies are the best.
I really do like apple pie.
Yeah, it’s my favorite treat.
But there are lots of other foods
I also love to eat.

Oh, chocolate always is on top.
You can’t go wrong with that.
And even though I eat this stuff,
it doesn’t make me fat.

No, no, it comes to portion size.
You have to have some sense.
If you eat every thing you want
you’ll soon become immense.

So let me have some ice cream now,
tomorrow I’ll have cake.
And chocolate cookies are the best,
those ones we always make.

And pizza is my favorite meal.
I'd eat it every day.
But that would not be good for me,
no sir, no how, no way.

Oh, you can eat most anything.
Just watch the serving size.
Try not to have too much at once.
Yeah, that would be most wise.

Okay, okay, I cheat sometimes
and then I will pig out.
Then later on the guilt will grow,
of that there is no doubt.

Do as I say, not what I do,
are wise words to live by.
It’s easy to say what to do;
it’s harder to comply.

But that’s okay, we all have faults.
I’m sure you have some, too.
If you don’t speak when I get weak,
then I won’t tell on you.

I think I'll have another donut.

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