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looks can be very deceving
Hell doesn't look like a pitch fork that is for sure
It never has never will I can guarantee
For one Satan is a master of disguise
He comes in any form even as an angel of light let's be real he used to be one.

He will not come dressed in red with a pitch fork in hand
These days what would be the point
He can come any which way he so chooses or God will allow
He is a trickster and a liar too,so he will come to you with half truths.

He will just have you believing everyone can do as he or she pleases
That you will never have to give an account for what you have done
A witch will never come riding a broom oh,can't you see
She will come in a red Porsche or Lamborghini, you see.

She's not old and ugly ,she's a beauty queen
Again I say Satan doesn't even own a pitch fork or maybe any red
Why would he come like that ,what fun would that be
Unless he decided to come like that just for kicks.

He will come in the form of mean and hateful neighbors playing games and tricks
He will come in every sick man or woman choosing to hurt others
He will come in folks that refuse to get help and see themselves
He will not come with a long tail and horns,he will not.

A witch will join you in church she sure will
A warlock will join the choir the horrible liar
These folks do not come in the form you think they do not
They are as real as you and me practicing every despicable act.

Beware all wake up stop looking for evil in all the traditional ways
Look for evil to come almost any old way today
Be on guard and always pray
Jesus will help you, he will lead the way to his light, his life and most holy way.

Be very aware folks Hell doesn't come in the form you think,Hell looks fun and glamours,beautiful and pretty of course until its too late.Hell dances and laughs and offers you a drink.Come it says lets have our fill of the world before it's too late.It is a liar and it's a trap run from Hell as fast as you can because what Hell really is is a prison of no escape.
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