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Forgot about my wife's Birthday, this is the only way I could make up for her at the time
Oh, mama bear you are mad I am aware
​​Your eyes are on fire I can see it the way you glare
​​You have the urge to hit my ass and that is fair
​​It was me who forgot to wish you on your special day, so let me say my one and only prayer

Alright, let's go!
​​I am a monkey who can be unfair
​​But mama bear, I always know to make a comeback right on there
You are the one I fell in love with at first sight, I will make you mine no matter what, I swore.
Sometimes I may appear as if I don't care, but mama bear you are on my mind everywhere
​​You can say you hate my monkey-ass, but you won't find an-ass like mine anywhere
​​You can tell me to sleep on the floor tonight, but sexy mama for you, I always wear my pants tight
​​Ask me to leave the bedroom right away, but for you, I can do a monkey dance in my underpants!
Oh, let's dance!

Mama bear no need to show me your angry face, won't be enough to take my leave
remember the time when we took our oath? We will be there for each other regardless of what
​​I maybe in my late 50s, but with you, I act like I am in my 20s
Oh that's right!

​​I know the past few weeks have been hard, but it won't be enough to keep us apart
​​don't you ever say you are not good enough, for this monkey you are more than enough
remember the times when you messed up?
All you had to do was to show up in those sexy thongs to make it up!

Oh, that's right!

Oh, mama bear you don't need to show me your angry face, you are my one and only grace
​​Take my hand and let us have that dance one more time, everything's going to be alright
​​I am a monkey who can be unfair, but with you, I always know how to make it fair
Ain't no mama bear can be so fearsome like you, but no monkey could do that secret dance of mine with you, like the way I do
Oh that's right.

Mama bear I know you are upset, don't you worry everything's going to be alright
​​Let me do my secret monkey dance tonight, you will fall in love with me again in no time
​​Just watch me in those underpants you like so much, will be enough to make you smile
Oh that's right

Oh, mama bear, don't you ever forget, you are the one I fell in love with at first sight
​​Remember that promise we once made? We will be there for each other, regardless of what
growing old with you was a romance, no one else can see me do that monkey dance
Oh mama bear I know you can't stay mad, come and take my hand

​​Oh, mama bear you know I love you with all my heart, you are the only one I have danced with in my underpants

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