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Book Three of the Shilo Manor Series. Media Kit.

Shilo Manor, book three

"Flesh cannot take away that which our souls have united."

Cole's world shatters as the judgment of one god collides with the mission of another. How can they order him to a new dimension when he is sworn to serve his soul mate on Cornerstone Deep? And, how can Shilo Manor, with all its magical wonders, fall to shadow?

Destiny is the third and final installment of the Cornerstone Deep portion of the award-winning Shilo Manor series. If you like compelling alpha heroes, whimsical magic, and a sense of true fulfillment at the end of a series, then you'll love Charlene A. Wilson's fantasy romance.

Buy now and enter the unforgettable world of Shilo Manor's Cornerstone Deep dimension today!

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What Readers Are Saying:

"Charlene Wilson has done it again! Just when you think Cole and Anna/Mianna have had their happy ending, Wilson twists the knife in another direction. The Gods of Meridian are calling their sons back and the Shilo brothers must say goodbye to Cornerstone Deep - but this is not the end; it's only the beginning! Whimsical magic, true love, and family secrets abound in the [Shilo Manor] series, and book three, Destiny, is no exception."

--Author J.D. Brown

"Vincent, James and Cole have finally each managed to find the one soul that their own soul calls to, and it's created a beautiful existence they've waited far too long to enjoy. But things are never peaceful for long when you're a Sentinel, and when they are called upon to take on a dangerous task, they are not afraid to step forward and do what needs to be done. But will their loved ones be able to survive the experience? Will Mechenzie and Mandy, or even Elaina and Linda, be able to take on what is necessary when other realms are involved? There's only one way to find out in Destiny.

Destiny: [Shilo Manor] Book 3 by Charlene A. Wilson was definitely great. I sat down and read it in one day because I was absolutely entranced by each of the characters. I loved that the reader was able to really get involved in everything that was happening, and that you could see things from each character's point of view to really get into the story. There's a lot of action going on, but you can tell that all of the characters love one another and that the family bond is stronger than anything else. I actually picked this book up first, but I didn't need to have read the others to understand what was happening and to thoroughly enjoy it. I will definitely be reading the rest of the books now though because I'm excited to find out even more about the characters and how they got to where they are now, and will be looking for anything new as well. Destiny by Charlene A. Wilson is definitely not one to miss."

-- Samantha Dewitt (Rivera), Readers' Favorite

"Destiny (Shilo Manor Book 3) is a stunningly beautiful commencement to this marvelous series that brings with it a sense of true fulfillment, utter contentment, and an ever-present promise of more. This is a story that will live within your heart long after you have read the last word. It surpasses the earthly and transcends into the very soul. The themes of family, true love, and hope will live on beyond all of us. We can only hope to hold these wonderful gifts in our own hands for as long as we can.

Cole, Vincent, and James are facing their greatest trial and their greatest fear. What they do next will affect the lives of everything they cherish most. They must cast aside their insecurity, their doubt, and their fear and focus on the mission that has been given to them. They must stand firm and hold their family close to their hearts as they prepare for the next step in the future of the Shilos. Do they have enough strength and support to hold fast and not waver in their determination and faith? Will their choices rip them apart, or will it unite them with a stronger bond than they either thought possible? Will the promise that lies in wait for them at the end of their journey be worth any pain or hardship, or will their mission prove to be too much for this family already stripped bare by recent struggles and strain.

I loved being back in the world of Cornerstone Deep. It felt like coming home. It was wonderful and such a blessing. Being able to walk this part of the journey with Cole, James, and Vincent was both breathtaking and mesmerizing. These characters are truly a work of art as they pull all of your heartstrings and awaken the most dormant parts of your soul. You will walk the path of those who hold great responsibility and watch as they are asked to follow the most heart-wrenching and painful commands. They take their duty seriously and will do everything in their power to protect those they love no matter the cost to themselves. They are fierce protectors and the gentlest of lovers. They will hold your heart captive and teach you things you never understood until now. Discovering secrets and living by their hearts is their specialty. Don't ever underestimate a man who knows his heart and pursues his dreams.

Charlene A Wilson is a truly remarkable author who knows how to touch your very soul before you even realize it yourself. She will reach into your heart and make you feel every word and emotion with more intensity and longing than you ever thought possible. If you want a story that will rearrange your heart and challenge you in every way, then this series is the perfect opportunity to discover and experience a new author that is full of surprises and will delight all of your senses."

--Amazon Customer


Stars blinked, and Vincent scowled at the firmament. They mocked him--tiny gems as out of his reach as the treasure he sought. With a snarl, he scanned the area around the empty town square, whirled to face Simpson drive, and then jabbed his hand toward the deserted street of the city's east side.


The summoning command echoed through the night and then ebbed into the quiet atmosphere with no result.

A frog croaked from Center Creek somewhere within the park to his right. The urban green rustled and deep shadows waved as the breeze whispered along the tall border hedges. A cat padded from an alley between the north side commerce onto the sidewalk and then looked his way. The dim streetlight reflected in its eyes, two silver discs that taunted alongside the night sky.

With a growl, he punched his frustration into the air. Blue neon flashed from his fist. The bolt highlighted the crimson brick storefronts and plowed into the street with a resounding blast. Asphalt bulleted the commerce, shattering glass behind the barred windows, and pelted the granite griffin perched on top of the corner archway of the entrance to Shilo Park.

The cat darted back the way it came.

Vincent snarled. Turning toward the city center, he clenched his jaw and glared around the empty court. How many times had he tried to summon the Mother Earth beads here already? Every faithful follower of the gods had come to witness the absence of Gryffin. When they finally left, the park was in shambles. It took three weeks to pick up all the rubble and return the vegetation to its rightful state.

He glanced over his shoulder at the stone gargoyle. The god of conformance couldn't have made a more striking statement with his disappearance--and the beads couldn't have been lost at a worst time. Anyone could have stashed them away, thrilled to find such a keep.

Vincent ground his teeth together so hard his temples ached. Humidity thickened the early summer night and carried the sulfuric odor from the west side industries. It coated his senses with added irritation. Where was the floral scent of Shilo Park? He needed the sweet comfort it held.

Releasing his breath, he whispered a vow he didn't intend to sustain. "Elaina, you will never touch another magical charm as long as you live."

He glanced at his watch and sighed an anxious breath. I need to get home.

How long before his brothers questioned his excursions? How long could he keep the disappearance of the relic a secret?

Furling his cape, he dispersed his elements into a fine mist. He allowed his dark essence to meander as he flew the length of the boulevard, recalling the crowded scene. Pilgrimage buggies, tents, covered wagons; they were only a portion of the massive gathering of faithful that Irritation rippled his essence. With a growl, he conceded failure and headed over the southern apricot orchards to Shilo Manor.

Excerpt Two

The parlor door swung open to darkness as Rhune neared the threshold. He hesitated, second-guessing his decision to enter. Scanning the quiet receiving hall, he lifted his gaze to the ceiling three stories above. The chandelier twinkled as it hung from the high arc and cascaded to be level with the second landing. It was there he'd last embraced his brother. It was there all resentment had been buried.

He leaned his head to look past the open door. A narrow band of light illuminated the plush carpet and gleamed across the cherry-wood bar. The counter served as a stout foundation for the wall-sized liqueur selection above it. The bottles seemed to assess him in a variety of muted hues, standing proudly on the ornate gold-trimmed shelves.

He glanced at the door and it opened wider. Deep shadows stretched from the nearby dark leather chairs and rose to hide the lower half of the large hearth on the far wall. The dark wood braced an amber marble mantle, swirls pressed into the material like thick claws artfully played there. The portrait of Sylis Shilo hung over it and filled the space, leaving only room for the cherubs to peak over the edges from their stays along the ceiling. Flexing his fingers, he rubbed his hands together to dispel the chill and then stepped inside.

With a glance at the cast iron grate in the fireplace, the neatly piled logs burst into flames. Heat poured through the room with the tang of burnt oak, and he relaxed a measure, sinking into the sofa. The soft cushions welcomed him with a low creak. He looked around the room as the added illumination highlighted the surfaces and danced along the walls. The exclamatory mirror on the east side reflected the flames and cast the illusion of a magical photo of the room. His gaze traced his brother's portrait within the semblance.

He blinked and dipped his hand into his shirt pocket. Pinching his thumb and forefinger together, he caused the tip of his Lotus Lines to appear. Four long-stemmed straws materialized as he pulled them out, and he leaned his head, considering the strength he'd require. Joy? Serenity? Sleep? Certainly not exotic. A light flavor would do for this evening, though upon arrival, he had expected a stronger taste would have been needed. He chose a serene P-Lotus and stashed the rest from where they came. He nipped the tip. A soft mist pooled around his lips, seeped into his nerve endings, and coated the pleasure senses in his brain. His cares ebbed with the whirl of jolly dancing in his mind.

He leaned back, crossing an ankle over his knee, and took another nip. A heavy sigh passed his lips before he looked back up to his brother's depiction. The square features stared back with a baronial air.

"Four hundred years." Rhune's voice rumbled in his throat alongside the slight sway of his mind. "I should have known something wasn't right when the boys took over the Vignette's Chronicle entries." He rolled his jaw and then set it. "I didn't know, Sylisan. I'm truly sorry." He lowered his gaze to the Lotus. "And as for Lilith's death... I half expected you to avoid mentioning it. But..."

"He asked us not to."

Colhart's low voice washed over him, and he blinked toward the doorway. The foyer's brightness framed his nephew's silhouette as he lifted from his lean on the frame. He went to the bar and poured himself a drink.

"Kid didn't know that, though. Father never included him in the Sentinel duties...or the reason to exclude the information."

Rhune nodded and looked back down at his P-Lotus. "So, I could have gone millennia without knowing."

Colhart took a drink and sank into a leather chair, stretching his long legs in front of him. "I trust your room is satisfactory. Mianna tells me you've settled into one she recently decorated."

Change of subject. A small puff of air passed Rhune's nostrils and he drew a breath, accepting a congenial conversation instead. "Oh, yes. Aside from the chill, it's comfortable enough."

Colhart grinned. "I'll get you one of James's cloaks and sleep ware."

He nodded. "I forgot how much colder it is in the cornerstone realms. But, there's no need, Colhart. The Terran woman provided a set."

"Her name is Mianna."

Cocking his head, he considered. "Mianna is the brunette you chose to spend time with, isn't that right?"

The grin on Colhart's lips faded, and he looked at him. "Mianna is my soul mate, Uncle Rhune. Not a simple bed partner."

Rhune blinked as if the words shot air at his eyes. Surely not. He studied his nephew's demeanor for a hint of humor, but Colhart offered no light-hearted expression. Onyx eyes stared back, steady.

He pursed his lips and nipped at the tip of his Lotus. "You've claimed a woman of Cornerstone Deep as an eternal companion?"

"All souls are eternal and progress."

"Well, yes, of course." He furrowed his brow. "But..." He can't be serious.

Colhart lifted his chin.

"Their lives are the measure of a day compared to ours. Their advancement is that of a child." A chuckle bubbled in his chest, and he let it curve his lips as much to lighten the weight of Colhart's stare as to recall the moment. "Such as the one who showed me to my room. The redhead. Very inquisitive. I don't think I've ever met a woman with more questions in over three thousand years."

"That would be Elaina." Colhart's head eased into a lean. "And Vincent's soul mate."

Unable to control the reaction, air rushed from Rhune's lungs. Surely, not! He cleared his throat. They've served this post far too long if they've come to this.

A scowl flashed across Colhart's face.

Rhune flexed his leg muscles as he stretched them out in front of him with a relaxing growl. "Ah, well. Once you return to Meridian, things will most likely settle into place. I'm sure equal soul mates will surface."

The tone in Colhart's voice stiffened and lowered to a challenge. "Soul mates are eternal. You know this."

He did know it. But nothing in the Arched Spectrum of Realms would convince him that his nephews hadn't made a terrible mistake by opening their souls to foreign women. "So, you're telling me that even if a soul of the Midway realms had called to you, you would have answered and locked your progression to the equivalent of a newborn." He shook his head with a cocked smile. "They're priceless--don't get me wrong, but as simple as they come."

Colhart's hand tightened around his glass. "Eternal progression isn't deterred by physical abilities. Technology has nothing to do with what a soul must learn."

Rhune slowly nodded. Okay. This woman's got him tied in deep. He lifted a brow and hoped the plea didn't show in his tone. "And Jamesuranton?"

"He's courting Linda. He plans to wed her when the time is right."

"So, they'll be together until she passes." Please tell me this is true.


Thank the Gods!

Colhart shot to a stand, setting his drink on the table beside him with a clunk. "I should inform you that my abilities have grown since we last met. I'm able to perceive thoughts." The plush carpet couldn't hide the irritation in his long strides as he headed to the door. "I'll bid you a good night."

Rhune pursed his lips and upped his brows. Nice. At least the ancient lifestyle hasn't hampered his advancement.

The door slammed.

Glancing up to the portrait above the hearth, he shook his head. "They're your sons."


USA Today and Washington Post Bestseller, Charlene A. Wilson, takes you to other dimensions with her stories. She weaves magic, lasting love, and intrigue to immerse you into the lives of her characters.

She began writing in her early teens when her vivid dreams stayed with her long after she had them. The characters and worlds were so amazing she brought them to life through her books.

Charlene resides in a small community in Arkansas, USA, with her husband, a cuddly Pekingese, and a very chatty cockatiel named Todder.

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