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Book Four of the Shilo Manor Series. Media Kit.

Shilo Manor, Book four

"A soul mate is the most precious thing in the world. So is free choice."

A single glance at Fae Princess K'rana Dawn is all it takes to turn James' love life inside out. Their souls meet in the eternal void, and he knows she's destined to be his soul mate. There's just one problem--his fiance, Linda.

Linda waited ten years for James to pop the question, and nothing's going to stop her from getting him to the altar. Especially a tree-hugging nymph like K'rana. Where Linda comes from, people fight for who they love.

Awaken is the fourth installment in the award-winning Shilo Manor series. If you like compelling heroes, whimsical magic, and true love, then you'll love Charlene A. Wilson's Fantasy Romance.

Buy now and enter the unforgettable world of Shilo Manor's Midway Summit dimension today!

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What People Are Saying

"Awaken is the long-awaited next book in the wildly incredible Shilo Manor series. This series continues to amaze and delight as it slowly unfolds its highly guarded and deeply hidden secrets. Nothing is ever as it seems as the amazing characters walk through the mire of one struggle only to find themselves facing something even bigger. Throughout it all, they learn the joy, the sorrow, and the love that family can bring. Nothing is worth more than family and those that capture their heart and soul.

After catching up to their family, James finds himself in an unusual circumstance. What never should have ever come into question becomes his full focus. Nowhere can he turn without his entire heart and soul being put into question. He fights for what he has wanted and what he knows he can't live without. While this ember becomes a raging inferno, the Sentinels find themselves pulled into a bigger problem than they ever had to face. Nothing is off limits and their bonds will be tested as dark intentions begin to take shape and sink its unforgiving claws in their small but fragile family. Will they be able to fight back against hidden enemies, or will they lose any ground before they can even try to secure it?

James and Linda hold a big focus within this chapter of the Shilo story, and I find that I am still in awe of the love and bond they share. Their love is pure and refreshing, and yet it is being refined with each agonizing step they take. Nothing gets strong by being untested. Even family withers whenever there is nothing to pull them together that makes their love and stability shine above all. A diamond is created under enormous pressure, and so we find that love is made brilliant and unbreakable under the same constant pressure as long as it is fed with an unending stream of hope and encouragement.

Charlene is a fascinating storyteller who thrives on her meticulous detail and wondrously complex themes. Her characters will dazzle and enthrall you in no time as each of them pulls at your heartstrings in their own way. You will lose yourself in her rich and vibrant worlds as they seep into your mind and heart. If you aren't careful, you may even find yourself a little changed after spending time in her alien worlds full of passion and wisdom."--Wonderings of one person, Amber McAllister


Cloud Nine never felt so good as Linda weaved her way down the staircase. The fruity scent that permeated the manor from the apricot orchards surrounding the grounds no longer reminded her of days spent back home on Cornerstone Deep with James. They simply adorned her day with the present and the fulfilled promise of him in her life again.

         Her fingers flittered through the air as she hummed and then tapped the nose of the marble seraphim standing at the left banister as she passed. Savory garlic almost overran the fragrant coffee as the aromas wafted down the hall from the kitchen. Linda followed, bopping the cheery cherubim lining the walls on their heads with the tips of her fingers.

Elaina placed a platter of breads on the breakfast nook table and then wiped her wrist across her brow.

Mianna leaned in, looking closer at them. "These are knots?"

"Don't judge," said Elaina as she gathered her strawberry waves into a jumbled bun. "They'll go great with the pasta tonight."

"It smells absolutely lovely." Linda swayed across the floor and then dipped over them for another whiff. "Everyone is going to love them with the pasta, little sister."

Mianna selected a mug and then filled it with coffee. "Come and get it before I drink it all. I thought I was late getting around, but you've got me beat by hours."

An exaggerated sigh lifted Linda's shoulders. "Thanks, Mianna, but I'm full of energy. I think I'll go build something. Don't you just love getting up late?"

Elaina turned, facing Linda and planted her hand on her hip. "How much do you love getting up late, Linda? Tell us."

"Ooh, I don't know." She picked up her coffee, waved it at nothing in particular, and then looked at the ceiling. "I might--"

Lacey's high-pitched squeal pierced the air, punctuated with giggles and shrills. Her two little hands flailing out to her sides, she commanded the entire kitchen as she ran in wild circles. Bright red waves bounced around her head, and Linda wondered how she managed to not bump into anything. Then again, she'd witnessed items dip, dissolve, or scoot across the room as if the little girl had a lineation to alert Shilo Manor of her proximity.

Elaina turned, walked into the pantry, and then reappeared, pasta ingredients in hand. "Lacy Doll, play outside if you can't control your inside voice."

How the little girl heard her mother over that screaming, Linda didn't know, but she twisted into a sharp turn and headed for the door. "Love you, Aunt Linda. Love you, Auntie Mianna. Love you, Mooommy!"

The door slammed in all its finality. Linda lifted her brows and wiggled her finger in her ear. She knew better than to comment on the little one, especially with Elaina within hearing distance, but she couldn't pass up the chance to point a few things out.

"Love you, Aunt Linda. Love you, Auntie Mianna. Love you, Mommy!" Linda sighed with a dramatic slump onto the breakfast nook bench beside Mianna. She laid her head back on her best friend's shoulder. "Don't you just love all the love around here today? I mean, it's in the air, isn't it? We got our men back..." Peeking over her brow, Linda tried to make eye contact with Mianna. "Was your reunion half as good as mine?"


"Of course there's no way it was anywhere near as good, but was it half?"

Mianna looked at her and then her cheeks turned red. "Ooh! I see what you're getting at."

"Don't you say it, Mianna," said Elaina. "You get her talking about how wonderful her love life is, she'll never stop. And then it will all get jinxed."

         Linda waved her forefinger back and forth as she sat in a more adult-like position. "Mmm. My man don't jinx. In fact, he's the most unjinxable person I've ever met. Besides..." She pursed her lips, dying to share her news. "That perfect specimen of a man might have just proposed."

It took three heart-beats for her sister and best friend to respond. Elaina's gaze slowly lifted, and Mianna's hand darted to Linda's arm.

Both spoke at once. "What?"

"That's right." Linda stood, grazed her palm along her waist and then down her hip. "He couldn't wait to marry all this hotness."

Mianna scooted to the edge of the bench and then jumped into Linda's arms. "Oh, Linda, I'm so, so happy! You've waited so long for him. You deserve every joy he brings you!"

Elaina seemed unable or unwilling to talk as her fingers covered her lips. On second glance, Linda's heart melted. Tears glistened in her little sister's eyes, and as she reached for her, several spilled from her lashes. "Oh, Linda. You've been through so much and have waited so long for real love. James is really coming through for you."

Sobs puffed onto Linda's bosom as she pulled Elaina next to Mianna and held tight. Mist stung the back of her lids, and she let it. Their reactions couldn't have been more perfect.

A squeal came from the back door, and Linda peeked past Mianna's head to find Mandy's wide smile. Her rainbow hair bobbed around her head as she grabbed Mechenzie's arm. "Oh, it's a hug fest! Come on. Let's join in!"

Mechenzie laughed as Mandy tugged her to the group, shoved her between Mianna and Elaina, and then threw her arms wide and hugged them all. With a glorious sway, she spoke in a cheery voice. "So, what are we all hugging about?"

Elaina jarred and quickly stood straight. "I uh... I need to go check on Lacey. She's been too quiet for too long."

Mianna wiggled from the center, dipping under Mandy and Mechenzie's arms. "And I need to get at astral projection practice. Haven't worked on it all day."

As the two rushed from the kitchen, the twin's wide eyes met Linda's gaze. She cringed. Thrill had her dancing through the manor. Figuring out how to break it to the twins hadn't crossed her mind. Well, breaking it to a certain twin.

"Mom, what was that all about?" asked Mandy.

Linda waved her hand and spread the brightest smile she could on her lips. "Girls, I have amazing news."

Mandy crossed her arms and jutted her hip to the side. "Yeah? So amazing Aunt Elaina and Auntie Mianna just had to leave so you could tell us?"

"Yes!" Linda rested her arms on the girls' shoulders as she led them to the breakfast nook. "How about I get out some of that Sun City Berry Tart pie? Kenzie's never tried it! We can discuss everything while we enjoy a slice."

The late afternoon sun poured through the bay window and reflected bright rays off the polished cook wear hanging over the baker's island. Linda grimaced, shielded her eyes, and then marched to the pantry. A string of curses rode her whisper, but as she grasped the pie container, she closed her eyes. Please, Arylin, Goddess of Love, please help Mandy understand.

Who knew if the Gods from Cornerstone Deep could hear her, but she prayed to them anyway.

Mandy drummed her fingers on the table as Linda selected a few saucers and then placed the items in front of the girls. "Well?"

Linda scooted the chair at the end to the side and took a seat. "Well," she said, replacing her bright smile. "James and I talked earlier."

The happy hair on Mandy's head countered the scowl she had on her face. "Yeah?"

Linda cleared her throat at the dry sound of Mandy's voice. "He asked me to marry him," she said and then peeked at the girls from the corners of her eyes. Mechenzie's mouth dropped open in a wide smile while Mandy's twisted into a snarl. Linda dished out the pie and picked up her fork. "We didn't see a reason to wait, but we haven't set a date yet."

Mandy stood so fast a fork flipped into the air, making Linda flinch. Clanks sounded somewhere behind her. "Mom, have you lost your mind and forgotten the last ten years? You lived it entirely without him."

Mechenzie's brows dropped, and she leaned toward her twin. "None of that was James' fault, Mandy."

Mandy pressed her lips into a tight line and pointed at the air around them. "I'm going to let that go because you don't understand everything yet, Kenz. In fact, I'm letting all of this go for now. But, Mom, take a minute and think about it first. Just one minute. And answer something... Who was here for you when you needed someone the most?"

The calm with which her sixteen-year-old spoke in that moment almost caused Linda to reconsider.


Naw. Her inner voice squealed.

Mandy glanced at Mechenzie. "The pie really is the best you've ever eaten. Moraine does have its plusses." She looked at Linda, and Linda felt the disappointment pour from her teen-aged daughter's eyes. "And the minuses we just can't get rid of."


USA Today and Washington Post Bestseller, Charlene A. Wilson, takes you to other dimensions with her stories. She weaves magic, lasting love, and intrigue to immerse you into the lives of her characters.

She began writing in her early teens when her vivid dreams stayed with her long after she had them. The characters and worlds were so amazing she brought them to life through her books.

Charlene resides in a small community in Arkansas, USA, with her husband, a cuddly Pekingese, and a very chatty cockatiel named Todder.

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