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Rated: GC · Poetry · Dark · #2288190
Written sometime between 1997-2002
Unknown forces
Cloud my mind
They take away my thoughts
My hands they also bind

Slowly losing all my senses
I feel so desperately alone
In a world of total shadow
Against my will, I've been thrown

There's no end in sight
No light for a guide
Nothing feels right
There's nowhere left to hide

Nowhere to run to
I can't see at all
Alone in the darkness
As I feel myself fall

A warm puddle of blood
Surrounds my broken bones
Life quickly draining out
Too fast to hear my moans

My soul is ebbing away
Death is spinning so close at hand
I feel everything leave my body
Just like falling grains of sand

Alone in the world
This cold, death trodden world
Still trying to comprehend
Why into this I've been hurled

Nothing left to say or do
Except to lie and wait
For you to come and breathe sweet breath
Upon my bloody face
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