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A blood disorder where there's more red blood cells in the body than the white blood cells
This blood disorder called "ERYTHROCYTOSIS" part one

Erythrocytosis is a disease condition which involves having a higher-than-normal concentration of red blood cells (erythrocytes) in your bloodstream.

The human blood consists of solid parts, including the red blood cells, the white blood cells and the platelets. And a liquid portion called the plasma.

"Polycythemia is another name for Erythrocytosis".

The Hematocrit level is the number of red blood cells you have, while the hemoglobin is an essential protein found in red blood cells.

⚓Symptoms of Erythrocytosis

Some symptoms of Erythrocytosis can be mild, while some are serious. This disease condition can come with some unpleasant symptoms, like headache or fatigue. It can also result in your blood becoming too thick, putting you at risk of blood clots, heart attacks or even strokes.

⚓Types of Erythrocytosis


This type of erythrocytosis which occurs when there is a problem with your bone marrow that causes it to produce excess red blood cells.


This type usually happens when something affects your erythropoietin (EPO), which is a hormone that your kidneys make, that facilitates red blood cell production.


⚫Primary erythrocytosis can be genetic in nature caused by a mutation in the genes, which controls how many RBCs your bone marrow makes. Once any of these genes is mutated, your bone marrow will produce extra RBCs, even when your body isn't in need of them.

⚫It is also caused by polycythemia vera. A blood disorder which makes your bone marrow produce too many RBCs. Your blood becomes very thick as a result of this.

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