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by Lizzie
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My life, a diary is a poem I wrote based on my feelings .
My life is a diary
A diary that stays unfilled

Because the beauty I want to inscribe
Is too brilliant to glide.
The mystic occurrences
The aery darkness
Accompanied my pages as
They sang a lullaby of confessions of
Sweet little praises.
I found myself floating in ecstasy
Normal days seemed like spring
The night was lonely
Like a sweet hum of cry
The spell of my temperament passes by
I catch myself filled with uncertainties.
The darkness here is cold trivialities
Millions of stars shining bright
I bloomed a flower as an answer to this light.
The pages were now filled with slight formalities.
I always ask myself this question
Is it bright on the other side of the moon?
Maybe like my smile, a beauty gloom
rest easy the night is still lovely
They send their trace through these waft
A little inordinately
With a hope to caress it sweetly
Like those petals I love so dearly
Under this wishing of mine
I dream of a little dream this time
The pages were now filled to the brim
In a corner of my heart perfectly sealed
My life is a diary
A diary that is now complete
A personal journal of negativity and possibility
Mine to see and mine to experience only.
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