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It's a standoff and the stakes are high.
Inside the red brick house with white shutters, there was an epic battle being waged.

“Tessa, just eat the two green beans, please.”

“I hate green beans.”

Michelle resisted rolling her eyes. Tessa was six and copied everything. At sixteen, Michelle still hated green beans, but understood that rules were rules. Kindergarteners weren’t as reasonable.

“You know mom says no playtime until you finish your plate. Two tiny beans stand between you and that jump rope.”

At the mention of her new favorite toy, Tessa shifted her gaze from the offensive vegetables to the coiled length of braided nylon cords waiting at the end of the table.

“Can’t you eat them for me, please?”

The last word was drawn out. Michelle did her best to achieve the stern look mom used.

“Nope, they are your responsibility.”

Stubborn as can be, Tessa crossed her arms with a frown that bordered on pout. Suddenly, that all changed. It was like watching a cartoon villain have an epiphany. A devious grin slowly formed on that angelic little face.

Michelle narrowed her eyes. Tessa was remarkably clever for six.

“You want to eat them.”

“No, I don’t,” Michelle started, but changed tactics. “Why do you think I want to eat them?”

“You have a date tonight.”

“Yeah, so?”

“You look really pretty.”

Her little sister was sincere, but there was a hook, of course.


“Think David will notice?”

Michelle glared. “Where is it?”

“Beans first, please.”

It was a stare down. Sixteen versus six. Options were considered and dismissed.

“Fine.” Beans disappeared. “Where?”

Tessa was edging off her seat, giggling, eyes wide. “Where is what?”

“My earring,” Michelle growled through clenched teeth.

“I don't know!"

Tessa shrieked and took off, grabbing the jump rope on her way.


Word Count = 295

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