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What do I scream at and why?
Howler Monkeys do loud screams. What do you scream at, or with, and why? If you're not a screamer, what loud noises do you make, besides cursing or yelling at someone's pet?

I was raised in the south, and we tended to scream across the entire house to ask a question or call for someone to come help. It was NEVER an emergency just normal talk. The crazy thing is when there was an emergency the whole house went silent. Like death was imminent or something.

I grew up with this until we moved out of NC and to CA. My dad was the first to shut down our country roots and demanded that we become more “civilized.” We could no longer speak in our accent, yell across the room or pronounce pecan with a draw. It had to be pecan (pe con). My hair was cut and feathered instead of all one length, and I couldn’t go barefoot anymore.

I promised myself when I got older and had children of my own, I would go back to my roots and let them be children. We all our loud in my home and love it. I have brought back the loud talking and telling stories and talking over each other. That is what family does after all.
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