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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2288776
A misunderstanding escalates.

Surprise Readers
WC 264

So I was sitting at the kitchen table, reading about fairies and other fabled beings in this month's Book Club selection. Yes, men can belong to book clubs--even women's book clubs. Surprise Readers (of which I am a proud member) meets on the last Friday of every month. I asked to join, and since the group isn't exclusionary, my request was accepted.

Do you believe in fairies?” I asked my wife, who was chopping onions at the other end of the kitchen.

“Really, George?”

“Yes, Lois, really.”

“My question is, do you?”

“I'm kind of on the fence,” I said.

She slammed her knife on the cutting board and stormed past me without another word.

Was she crying? No, it had to be the onions.

“Lois, are you okay?”

“I'm fine and dandy,” she called from our bedroom.

Who'd a thunk she'd get her panties in a bunch over mythical beings? Women!

I followed her to our bedroom. She had situated herself at the foot of the bed and was busily blowing her red nose on her soggy hankie.

“I didn't think it was a loaded question, Lois. Geesh!”

“Really?” she said, jaw set. “Do you believe in marriage? Not loaded? Really, George?" She continued, "You’re on the fence?”

“I asked you if you believed in fairies!” I said as I sat next to her. “I’m reading that book for Surprise Readers.”


“Of course I believe in marriage, silly goose,” I said as I tweaked her nose.

Lois burst into laughter. I joined her.

I must add, the rest of the evening went very well indeed.
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