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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2289392
This is my 8th dragon poem, and the first I have written in at least a dozen years.
Giant winged saurians
Told of in ancient lore,
Spied by terrified folk
As fiery dragons soar.

Exhaling fire and smoke
They fly through the sky,
To terrorise small villages
Within the countryside.

Serpentine horrors swoop
Down on questing knights,
Whooshing flaming death
Toward hapless passersby.

Stench of fire and brimstone
Pervades this tortured land,
As reptilian monsters descend
Upon an unsuspecting band:

A band of stragglers walking
Outside through the forest,
Unaware of lurking saurians
Or of imminent searing death.

Giant winged saurians
Killing everything below,
Fearful villagers running
As they hear a shrilling bellow.

Scaly monsters attacking
Innocents they find outside,
Slaughtering many hundreds
Within a single horrid night.

Living many centuries
Green and towering beasts,
Slaughtering man or animal
On whose carcasses they then feast.

© Copyright 2023, Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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