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In a cold and lonely house On a cold and lonely street,
In a cold and lonely house
On a cold and lonely street,
A tired old man stagnates
His future is cold and bleak.

A frigid Melbourne day
Sums up this poor man's life,
He's lived without children
Without a loving wife.

He's lived without the comfort
That a family could provide,
He has always yearned for love
His dreams have been denied.

He's in a lovelorn villa house
In a dark, and lonely street,
Epithets are thrown at him
No cheer from those he meets.

As his dreary life goes on
His days keep speeding by,
He longs for the blessed relief
That comes when people die.

But death's mercy eludes him
He's stuck in the living Hell,
A lonely house on a lonely street
The old man knows too well.

He's forced to beg for help
From people who don't care,
Occasionally he finds succor
But the occasions are now rare.

In a cold and lonely house
Where no hope now remains,
He survives another frigid night
Then dies one ice-cold day.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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