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1921 a Year of Consequence

The year 1921 - a year of consequences

39 lines

So many things happened in 1921
That changed the world
In ways that are still reverberating,

The US and Germany signed a treaty
Ending the war
Isolationism spreads across the land,

The red summer of 1921
The Tulsa race riots occurred
Greenwood burned to the ground.

Led to the development of the FBI
The Palmer raids and other attacks
on the alleged radical menace,
and “anarchists” –
the “terrorists” of the day.

the Soviet Union began to take shape
the civil war ending with the defeat
of the white Russian forces.

the competition between communism
and capitalism began in those days.

The roaring twenties began
Radical changes in society
Woman getting the right to vote
Prohibition starting
Spanish flu receding

Proto feminism
And civil rights battles began
As Jim Crow intensified in the South
And the great black migration
To the North began

but most importantly to me
My grandfather who had fought in Europe
Came back got married
and went to London
To study at the London school.

And my father was born
In 1922
While he was still in London.


What happened in '21?


Some things listed for 1921 were:
Emergency Quota Act - limited number of immigrants coming into the US
Ireland -- Irish Free State created
Babe Ruth Home Run Record
Coco Chanel introduces "Chanel No. 5".
Tomb of the Unknowns is dedicated in Arlington National Cemetery.
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