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by Espero
Rated: E · Appendix · Dark · #2289513
Basic Outline

1) Maggie works as Police Dispatcher in Cincinnati. Parents are from Dayton, Ohio where she grew up. Parents were killed in auto accident
on way home from Hawaii. Maggie has to take leave of absence to plan funeral and inheritance.

2) Maggie is back at work in Cincinnati where she meets David, while carrying home groceries.

3) David and Maggie begin a relationship and eventually move in together.

4) David and Maggie move in together after 6 mo. His drinking resumes and he becomes abusive towards her.

5) After about a year and a half together Maggie starts to plan her escape.

6) David has secrets. About his prior relationship. About his drinking. About his family. Maggie learns nothing about his family.

7) David has parents, a sister Lisa, and an older deceased brother. His troubles began when the older brother, his idol, was killed in the
service. David turned to drinking and drugs. Has a job as an auto mechanic.

8) David was kicked out of the parents' home on Xmas Eve after altercation with a woman. Margaret continues to see him on occasion. Harry
will not see him until he seeks help for his drinking.

9) Maggie travels by bus to Colorado. She meets an elderly man in the swimming pool and they form a friendship. He tells her about his wife
and family and the country store and cottages they just purchased so he can leave Sales and be at home. He tells her to come and visit
them sometime; that his wife would love it now that the children have left the roost.

10) Maggie applies and lands a job at a Myrtle Beach Resort working in the small rental shop.

11) The administrator at the resort has John, Mgr. of the large rentals, give Maggie 3 days of touring the resort and local town. He introduces.
her to his mother who helps her shop at the mall for clothes she needs for the job. They form a friendship.

12) In the 3 days John and Maggie are together they become close as if they knew each other forever. When the 3 days end, both are sad.

10) Maggie meets Phil, a golf pro, who works at the resort when she is jogging. Phil is a tall good looking man with sandy blonde hair and
blue eyes. Phil likes Maggie and has asked her out several times but so far she has declined. They continue jogging most mornings and
then generally have coffee or soda at the local snacl bar. Sometimes they are joined by Shirley, a co-worker.

11) Maggie discovers she is pregnant.

12) John offers to help Maggie, wants to marry her.

13) John and Maggie take a trip to Cincinnati to collect the things she has in a storage shed. She gives him a tour of the city and takes him.
to see the Dispatch Center where she worked, introducing him to some of her past co-workers. Then they go to Dayton, her hometown.
and have an evening out with one of her good friends and her husband.

14) John opens up to Maggie about Jose, who saved him, and states he would like to have him as best man at the wedding.

15) Eventually the two marry but as years go by Maggie feels as if David's parents should know about the child.

16) Maggie begins some secret research to see if she can find out who David's parents are, she considers hiring a private detective.
John finds out and admonishes her. "What if they are just as bad as David was; you don't know anything about them. I've raised.
the child, he loves me, and I love him. Don't mess up his mind now." Martha agrees with John.

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