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Poem about Lovecraftian princess
In ancient R'lyeh she sleeps,
Princess of the sunken deep,
Eldritch powers at her command,
A cosmic force in her hand.

Her dreams are filled with visions grand,
Of ancient gods and eldritch lands,
Where monstrous beings reign supreme,
And reality is but a dream.

With each awakening, she brings
Chaos to the world of men,
Her mere presence altering fate,
And causing mortals to scream in terror and hate.

But in her eyes, there is no malice,
Only the emptiness of cosmic indifference.
She is a force of nature, wild and untamed,
A Lovecraftian princess, forever unchained.

She is the end of all things,
The bringer of apocalyptic rains,
But in her eternal slumber,
She remains a mystery, a wonder.
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