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by fyn
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Why are some people left to be invisible?
She is invisible
standing right in front of you.
Are you blind?
Are you deaf
that you cannot hear her cries?
Do you hear, but not listen?
Her heart beats,
love beating through her
yet she is treated as naught
but an empty shell.
She is real, not some imaginary dream
dreamt up as some impossible
creature made to your definition.

She broke the mold
a long time ago.
Is it shame that she
colored outside the lines
of your narrow perspective?
No. She is a bright, shining light
had you but eyes to actually see.
She is a song full of soaring chords
had you but ears to hear.
That she is her own person
is to her credit, not yours
and I feel only pity
for you are missing out
on pure, unadulterated joy.
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