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A look forward to what may await the human race unless action is taken now
The dreary sky hangs overhead
Grey-black clouds turn day to night,
Acid rain begins to pour
Filling all our hearts with fright.

Darkness in the middle of the day
Instead of the bright sun shining down,
All our reservoirs spill o’er
We live in fear that we might drown.

The dreary sky torments us all
With the burning sun replacing rain,
Our gentle skin blisters and peels
‘Til winter comes around again.

A dreary sky, a blazing sun
A wretched, evil universe,
A horrid place for life to live
It almost seems it can’t get worse.

A sky as dark as bitumen
As black as any madman’s soul,
So black, when planes vanish into it
You feel your marrow turning cold.

You fear such clouds could swallow up
And not release the aeroplanes,
You hold your breath unawares
Gasping till they appear again.

But now the planes are slick with muck
Released from within the awful clouds,
Wings coated in a foul sewer-mess
Like vampires draped in jet-black shrouds.

The dreary sky does not give life
It takes away, giving back only death,
Seeding fields with noxious rain
And brutal stench to take our breath.

Birds fall from the dreary sky
Victims of the fetid air,
Those gentle creatures crash to ground
Their lives so precious, soon so rare.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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