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The cruel 2008 winter finally ended; followed by the hottest summer in Victorian history.
I'm sitting in Melbourne dreaming of a white Christmas
Something which in Australia we've never known,
Just as winter devoured spring, it now devours summer
And in December we've almost come to expect snow.

It's a cruel, cruel winter this year, 2008
Starting June 1st it hasn't ended by December,
It's a winter set to kill all the people living rough
And which even those indoors will e'er remember.

It's a cruel and vicious winter that we've had this year
And by December 9, we're still having hail and rain,
There'll be no prawns on the barbie this Christmas
As we're starting to think we won't see summer again.

It's a cruel, cruel winter that goes on forever
As it's starting to seem we'll never see the summer sun,
Just as spring was swallowed up by winter this year
Will there ever be a time when summer has begun?

Or will the cruel, cruel winter of 2008
Continue right through until June of 2009?
Will the rain, the hail, the sleet, and storms ever stop?
Will we ever again hear the weather girl say, "Fine"?

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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