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Why is it here?
We all know that our planet, Earth aka Terran has only one moon. Many theories have been made to explain it's origins, but no one will ever get it right. Some say it's a meteor or asteroid that entered Earth's orbit. Some believe a piece of our planet broke off while it was being formed and began to orbit the Earth. Some will say it is a fabricated structure built around a dwarf star or even a space station full of aliens who study our planet as it travels through time after the aliens sowed the seeds of life in our ocean. Well, I am here to tell you these are wrong in every way. You must ready yourself, because it's time to choose the red or blue pill. Do you now want to know? The secret is that only the moon itself can know. Even if it could tell you, all you heard would, by it's own nature,l not exist in the mind. In other words, once anyone did know, they would never have known. There is a reason for this, but only the moon will ever know. How can I be so sure? Why, I am the man in the moon of course!
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