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Groundhogs United! Winner of the Daily Flash Fiction 2/2/23

The Groundhog Union #33 of the Montana chapter, Marmot Division, held their annual meeting today, Groundhog Day. Chief Hog Chester called the meeting to order.

“Attention all marmots! I have called this meeting, as I do every year on this day, to address the ongoing concern we marmots have about the misconception of our species. Groundhog Day is observed each spring, you know that. But why do they insist on calling that poor guy they drag out of his home a groundhog? He’s a marmot!”

Cheers erupted from the crowd.

“He’s one of us! We’re about to erupt from our dens, as we do each spring. Who cares here in Montana if we see our shadow? No one! It’s not a big deal. We have enough to worry about with coyotes and bears and wolves and foxes soon to be sniffing around.”

“Here, here!” More cheers.

Chester sensed the support from his fellow rodents. He ramped up his rhetoric.

“So, fellow hogs, let us be proud marmots! Proud of our heritage! Proud of our little bands here on the Yellowstone, on the Lamar, and on the Gardner Rivers. We need to protect the little ones, the elders. The hunting season is almost upon us. Get ready and let’s all be safe out there!”

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