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SF poem about an alien who terraforms Earth to suit his own needs
An alien being
Generates the raging wind
By his mere presence,
As though even the night air
Is trying to escape him.

He causes snowfalls
In the midst of a desert
By simply standing,
And peering into the night
His mind controls the climate.

The elements bow
To this godlike creature from
Some dark, distant star,
Stranded on this cruel, strange world
He adapts it to his needs.

His mind causes change:
Dissipation of the winds,
Cessation of rain,
Oceans to flow in deserts
Snowstorms to rage all summer.

Snow-laden trees fall
Winds buffeting like hammers
Night turns to daytime,
As he adapts this strange world
Making it like his homeland.

A heavy deluge
Of snow falls constantly now
Cooling down the Earth,
Making it like his home world
A planet of ice and snow.

A virgin mantle
Of unbroken snow as far
As an eye can see,
Cold air now burns human lungs
When they try to breathe the air.

Humans crawl among
The snow on this strange planet
They once called their home,
But now changed to suit the needs
Of an alien overlord.

An alien giant
Sleeping concealed in the snow
Sending out its thoughts,
Changing the climate to suit
Its needs. At the cost of man.

The landscape loses shape
Under a cover of snow
All contours smoothed out,
The Earth now a giant ball
All whitened and crystalline.

An alien creature
Being from another world
Now living on Earth,
Making it a winter world
Where humans barely survive.

© Copyright 2021 Philip Roberts
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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