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A story about school students. who met the alien.

1 day before of exam Lucas lost his physics book at school but he don't know about it.

Exam day he try to find his physics book but he didn't find that. That's why he dial call to sir 1 and say i lost my physics book. What should I do. Sir 1 said dial call and ask to your all of friends and if any they have your book. As sir 1 says he do but he didn't find that book. Then he call to friend jack at school. Then he both go to school and find lucas's physics book but they didn't find that. After that Jack and Lucas decided to buy a new book and remove name page from lucas's gf's book and add new name page to lucas's gf book. Then they go to school and signed lucas's book from school head teacher. After that lucas completed his exam nicely and he get 50 out of 46 in exam. But his classmate her name is molly is jealous from him. And she is a class topper. Molly and lucas's gf are best friends.

That day Lucas saw Molly is came from object space ship and she changed her into normal girl
2 main batch of extra classes 1 - David's batch (student in david's batch david, daniel, owen, jaxon, kevin, ryan) 2 - Jack's batch (students of Jack's batch - Jack, lucas, trevor, alex, adam, max)
David And Jack are best friends.

1 day after the exam. That day Jack and daniel and jaxon has a exam. At that day at David's batch David, owen, kevin and ryan came at extra classes. Because daniel and jaxon has a exam. First lecture was a sir2's. So they came and start to studying. Sir2 taught us as normally he can. But end of the first lecture he says what happened to lucas's book yesterday. David know about all of the matter but he remain silence because he is friend of lucas. But owen says to sir2 whole story.

Sir2's next lecture at jack's batch in that lecture lucas, alex, adam, max and trevor go at lecture but jack has a exam so they can't go to the lecture and sir1 lecture at David's batch. Sir2 start his lecture as he can ant middle of the lecture he tell bad words about lucas's gf and lucas was at that lecture. So lucas was very angry at sir2 and he slapped on sir2 mouth. After that sir2 left lecture and said i never come back to this batch. All students are very angry at lucas and tell bad words to lucas and hit him very badly.

Next day after that. Sir2 not came at extra lecture and students try to convince sir2 but he didn't. All other students find lucas and and hit him again very badly.

After 2 days lucas didn't came at extra lectures and school. so david and ack decided to convince him. David and jack are best friends of lucas. He go at lucas home and he saw lucas's dead body. They called police and ambulance. Police started an investigation and police noticed Lucas died from the sharp object struck in the stomach. main suspicion of the police went on sir2.

Because lucas and sir2 fighted 2 days ago. So second unit of the police arrested Sir 2. But that time UFO came and started firing on the people's and police. At that time david and jack are at that place so they use their superpower against alien. David is extremely strong who can fly in sky and destroy a building in a single punch and their friend jack have mind control power who can control anything with their mind but he doesn't control any living mind. In this fight sir2, many police officers and people has been injured. But an alien was also injured in the fighting. Which could not walk. So David grabbed it. Then ambulances came and bring injured people to the hospital. But UFO took lucas's dead body with them.

David's father was a popular businessman. So David took the alien to his secret place and started interrogated him about their secret plans

At alien's secret base they begin experimenting to bring lucas back to life. Because aliens want human and alien hybrids who rule this planet.

The End Of Part-1
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