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Out of an unknown universe Foul creatures out of place,
Out of an unknown universe
Foul creatures out of place,
Come to Earth to conquer
From out of time and space.

From the end of time itself
Nightmare beings come,
Unrelenting till the time
When all their plans are done.

Feeding off humanity
Monsters from out of space,
Sucking out mortal energy
Feasting ‘pon the human race.

Out of time and space
Comes creeping, slinking fiends,
Here to devastate the Earth
No matter by what means.

Energy is their only food
It is what they sup upon,
Leaving behind dry husks
From which all life is gone.

No-one but the insane believe
That the creatures are even here,
Shrieking in their padded cells
As from space great terror nears.

Slurping out the living essence
Draining Man of all life-force,
Taking all the vital juices
Leaving an empty withered corpse.

All mammalian forms of life
Are in danger of this awful death,
Lifeless bodies once were vital
Now bereft of life or breath.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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