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Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Horror/Scary · #2290033
bird-like demons filling the world with fear
Chittering fiends approaching
Within the pitch-black night,
Winging over the rooftops
In their monstrous flight.

Wingbeats filling the airways
As feathered horrors do fly,
Avian abominations which
Blank out the night-time sky.

Chattering bird-like creatures
Soaring through the atmosphere,
Bringing death to thousands
Filling the whole world with fear.

Winging throughout the night
Beneath the loathsome blood moon,
Reminding you that terror lurks
And is coming your way too soon.

Beastly feathered abnormalities
Wing through the horrid darkness,
Seeking out human meat to feast
Leaving bloody bones in a mess.

Chittering fiends approaching
Winging throughout the night,
Terrorising all living beings
Swooping down from up on high.

Within the awful twilight
Colossal bird-like things,
Rousting upon the rooftops
Until loudly taking wing.

A sea-like susurration
As feathery demons near,
Surrounding entire townships
Filling people with great fear.

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
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