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A flash fiction (156 words) about a boy on a stage
He took a step forward, brushed the curtain aside and opened his eyes. Expectant faces looked at him, more than ever before.
A smile spread across his face as if on cue.

During the dress rehearsal, he had had to imagine that his birthday, Christmas, Easter, Carnival and summer vacation would all fall on one day in order to play his role convincingly.

But now the adrenaline rushing through his body made him glow. What was better than being able to do what you loved to do?

He whirled around, recited the poem that the young poet, in whose role stretched out, and hugged Emilia, who played his aunt, seemingly with little irritation.

He couldn't think of anything more beautiful, sinking completely into the feeling as he said, "This is the best book I've ever read."

Much too soon his performance would end, but until then he could fully enjoy the faces that looked at him.
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