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by Joy
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Essay on Expression
Expression is an essential form of communication adopted by human beings. It is a way to convey our inner emotions, feelings and thoughts to the external world, while also allowing us to understand ourselves more deeply. Expression can be conveyed through a myriad ways, like through facial expressions, attire, language, art forms like dance, music, writing etc. Each time we showcase ourselves in a certain way in each of these different expression mediums, we are conveying to the world who we are. And at the same time accepting who we are. The more we express the more we understand ourselves and feel confident.

Many people bottle up and don't express themselves. It happens subconsciously. To express, we need to consciously put in efforts, so that over time it becomes a part of us and subconsciously also we are expressing ourselves confidently. We need to be aware of our expressions, cultivate more expressions if needed in daily life and actively exercise it and modify it to our soul's satisfaction. When we convey ourselves with such consciousness, we discover ourselves in fascinating ways which can be fulfilling.

Not expressing will leave us underconfident as over time we may not be able to define ourselves, who we are, what we stand for, as these need to be regularly expressed to instill a strong sense of self within us. This will also keep the world around us less interactive with us as they struggle to understand us and may ignore us or look down upon us or even walk over us if we are feeble in expressing who we are.

Hence, expression is an important tool we need to develop to convey who we are to the world and to be able to attract the right kind of people into our life who value our expressions.
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