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by Norman
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McGee's the man of fame.
I read a lot of mysteries,
adventure novels, too.
Oh yeah, I read a lot of stuff,
I’m sure tons more than you.

It makes my wife go crazy.
She doesn’t like it much.
She says because I read like that
it keeps me out of touch.

Well, maybe she’s not wrong there.
I don’t care to go out.
I’d rather have a book in hand
than ever go without.

I have my favorite authors
I’ve followed for so long.
If I can find them on the shelves,
I know I can’t go wrong.

But here is my big secret:
a hero is a must.
I don’t need books with blood and guts
or pages filled with lust.

No, all I need is one thing:
a hero on a quest.
Someone like Robin Hood, of course,
would surely be the best.

And if there is a hero,
there must be bad guys too.
You know the good guy must defeat
a villain, maybe two.

There’s always one to count on,
and Travis is his name.
He lives aboard The Busted Flush;
McGee’s the man of fame.

MacDonald set the standard.
His hero is the best.
Though many followed in his steps,
he’s better than the rest.

Just my opinion.

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