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This is a poem about stretching toward a higher ambition.

{}When you are stretching toward
a higher ambition, it's quite an
acquisition. It gives each of us a
whole new meaning when we think
about our spring cleaning. From the
beginning until the end, it's worth the
effort when we begin.

For all those trials that we must face,
there won't be room to be disgraced.
For every obstacle that's in our path,
it's up to us to venture onward. We
must fight our battles with all we've
got, for any hindrances that come
our way.

We must grow as circumstances
change, for seasons come and
seasons go, so let's buckle up
and get in the know. Now it's time
for us to seek, the recognition that
we deserve. It's your ambition,
reach for the top, your dream has
reached its highest peak

Forge ahead and don't look back,
it's not the time for us to dread.
Remember that you're certified;
don't think that we're not qualified.
Put those thoughts aside. It's much
too late to cast our doubts; this isn't
what we're all about.

When you're stretching toward a higher
ambition, give yourself room to reach for
the stars. Don't let the press knock us on
our feet; it's not the time to be defeated,
nor the time to be cheated. Get off your
duff; it's not that ruff, tell the world that
you've had enough.

Striving toward your highest achievement
gives you the right to claim what's yours.
Turn the pages of your book, it's time for
others to take a look. Don't be shy, you've
worked really hard.

Written by Anna Marie Carlson
Monday, March 27, 2023


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