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Dark Forces at Play

Dark forces at play

32 lines

Dark places in town
Hide dark dangerous secrets
Demonic forces at work

Eldritch evil monsters
Lurking behind the doors
Waiting for midnight

The bewitching hour
O dark hundred

Apes, aliens, banshees, bats, bigfoot, centaurs, Cerberus, cheetahs, crows, coyotes, Cthulu, dragons, demons, dinosaurs (raptors and t -rex), devils, dwarfs, gangbangers, gangsters, gangsta rappers. gators, goblins, ghouls, ghosts, giants, giant ants, giant wasps, giant spiders, giant lobsters, gunmen, gorillas, hell hounds, big game hunters, government bureaucrats, holocausts, imps, imperial stormtroopers from star wars, naked incubi, leprechauns, lucifer, lions, politicians, mafia made men, ravens, monsters, orcs, reporters, bewitching beautiful yet deadly sirens, Satan, satyrs, snakes, winged monkeys, serpents, special forces soldiers, tigers, werewolves, wolves, witches, warlocks, wraiths, wild things, yeti, and zombies.

Led by a half-centaur, half-pig monster with two heads – Putin and Trump….

The wild things
Come out to play/

In the full moon light
Howling at the moon.

They scream
This is not the end.

Dark places in town

and end your poem or story with the following:

this is not the end.

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