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As the silence of the world accompany her, Melody is thinking of the past that she forgot.
"Tonight is quieter than usual"

That's what Melody thought when she woke up tonight. As she stands up, she sleepily looks at a small clock on her bedroom wall. "3:46 AM...." She said, whispering almost with no sound. Melody then softly shakes her head, waking herself up even more. Her cat ear moved gently following her head movement and then moving up and down, trying to find another sound other than the sound of the clock ticking and the sound of fabrics colliding with one another because of her movement.

But she found nothing.

She knows her room is soundproofed, her ear is the main reason for that, but even with that she still can hear some sound, not full-on silence. The world is never silent, after all. Usually, she was able to hear her ghostly protector Ally gently humming or ghosting around her room moving things as she move around, the sound of Emilly's keyboard clicking away as she type or Limmo walking around the house trying to tire himself out as his insomnia won't allow him to sleep if she focuses hard enough. Now, even when she focuses as hard as she can, she only can hear herself, this room's emptiness, and how silent everything is.

Sighing, she let herself fall back to her pillow. "Maybe this is one of that nights where everyone is magically asleep even him..." she wonders as she closes her eyes, and tries to fall back to sleep. She rarely woke up at this time, and tomorrow will be a very tiring day, so she wants to get as much sleep as she possibly could.

But no matter how much she trashed around, trying to make herself comfortable among the pillow and blanket on her bed, she still can fall asleep. Her mind keeps wandering to the dream that awakens her in the first place. So she decides to sit up, letting the blanket that once covers her body fall to her lap and think about it.

The dream was very simple actually, she was still able to remember most of it so she try to re-live it in her head.

She was in a dark room, but she didn't feel scared. She was laying down on a cold floor....or glass? She was laying in the middle of darkness. The so-called ground that she was laying on is like a puddle, creating small waves of water as she stand up and walk around. As she walks around, she realizes that this room is neverending, no matter how much she walks or even ran, she never meets the edge of the room.

She finally stops and does the second best option at the moment, trying to scan her surrounding with her hearing sense. Opening the muffler that closes her cat ears, she starts to close her eyes and focusing herself to her hearing sense, trying to pick up any sound.

It was soft....very soft...
But she does pick something up...

The existence of someone, other than her own, in this so-called room.

She opens her eyes and fast walk--almost running--in the direction of the person's whereabouts. The sound of the ripple created by her steps hurt her head a little now that she can hear everything but if she uses her muffler she won't catch the sound because of how soft it is, so she needs to bear with it for a moment. After a long walk, she was finally able to see someone backing her, looking into... somewhere...

"You finally found me."

Melody immediately becomes defensive of this person in front of her and gives herself some distance from it. "Someone waiting for her? In this room? Is this a trap?" her mind wanders as she stares at the person in front of her.

"Oh? You are...wary of me? Is your sense tell me that I am a dangerous person? Or does it tell you that I am someone you shouldn't trust?"
"Either way, glad to see that you still have a sense of danger. Knowing what he does to you, I thought he made you into an innocent child, not knowing any danger.."

Melody was immediately shocked when the person turns itself to face her.

She... cannot see its face...
No, it is not like it was wearing a mask or something. She just can't see it. It was as if something not allowing her to see that person's face.

"Why... you speak as if you know me...?" Melody asks carefully. The person tilts its head in confusion and then puts it fingers to her chin as if it was thinking. "The fact that you can't see who I actually am... It seems that you still don't remember everything yet..." It mumbles, not answering Melody's question. And then, it looks up as if it senses something.

"Ck..." it says before pushing Melody down, putting her into a lying position as it pins Melody down. Melody, scared and confused, starts squirming to be let go. "Can you stop? I am trying to save you right now." It says as gently as it can as if it knows that Melody is not wearing her muffler and that yelling will only overstimulate her even worse. "N..no..! You haven't answered my question...!" Melody said as she keep squirming herself to be freed, "Remember? What else do I need to remember?! They said that I've remembered everything!" she continued.

"Not everything.." It said. "You still do not remember some things, something crucial, something that the others don't want you to remember because it only brings you pain." It said as it gently hold her forehead with her hand, chanting words that Melody didn't recognize. She then slowly starts to feel like she's drowning, as she closes her eyes, she can hear the final word it says to her.

"Remember...who you actually are and what role you need to fulfill in this world.. Melody"


Melody sighs as she pinches her forehead in frustration. The dream itself was very confusing, and that thing say to her only make everything worse.

"Remember who I am...." Melody mumbles as she looks at her own fingers. She then tries to relay all the information she knows about herself in her mind, mumbling so that it can come out cleanly. "In my past life, I was born in Russia. My parents are...." her mumble stops.


Why can't she remember?
No, this was not supposed to happen. They were made to remember their past so that they can learn from it and not make the same mistake. That is the consequence that they accept to work as His assistant. So she should remember this... She NEEDS to remember this information. But as much as she wreck her brain, trying to remember, nothing came up. As if that information was wiped away from her brain.

She then tries to tell herself the whole story of her past life. It was then she realize how faulty her memories are. Her memories of her past self are filled with holes, missing some detailed information that she should've remembered. It should have not bothered her so much if she remember how she died in the past...
....But she doesn't even remember what happened in the first place...

She knows for a fact that everyone in this house is actually resurrected. They were all died in the past, and because they still needed by Him, they were all resurrected. That's why they all have such a tight bond with each other. So at some point, she should've died...
But why she can't remember it?

If only Kato is here, or Ally woke up. She needs someone to talk this about, to discuss. But no one can help her to talk about this, even Luc--who she always think that he never asleep--didn't respond when she woke up...

Are they all lying when they said that she already remember everything back in the day? But it did say that they don't want her to remember because "it brings her pain.." which sounds like them. They really don't want her to be in pain or traumatized even more than her childhood gave her. So she understands if they decide to hide it from her when they realize she forgot a thing or two...

But the feeling of forgetting something important...
Melody grabbed the blanket under her palm and squish it as hard as she can, putting all her emotion into the poor sheet on her palm.

"I hate... these feelings..."
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