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by Naomi
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An Essay for my Personal Guidance and Reminder
I Turn My Problems Into Opportunities

I have a deep faith that I can turn my problems into opportunities for growth, success and fulfillment. I have to rejoice and give thanks for the many opportunities I encounter and savor the calmness and orderliness of my life .

I experience each moment, each hour, each day as the assurance of serenity.
No matter what happened yesterday,
no matter what takes place today or
tomorrow, I must feel secure in my
spiritual awareness that no person, place or thing can stop me from getting joy out of life.

I have to and must use each situation to develop a deeper understanding that , Yes ! I have problems and I turn these problems into opportunities firmly believing that there will be no limit to my ability to think and to do
things done .

I am open to keener insights and brighter intuitions. I am nurtured by
Love and the Wisdom of the Spirit.

Yes ! I can turn problems into
opportunities. With GOD in my life,
I truly can.

Thank You LORD for Everything.

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