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Andontrimax claims any and all recognition and fame for this achievement.

Chapter 1

In a world filled only with extroverts, life was lively and social. Everywhere you looked, people were engaged in animated conversations and activities, constantly seeking out new experiences and interactions. There was a sense of constant energy and excitement, with people never wanting to slow down or miss out on anything.

This extroverted culture brought about positive changes. People were more open and accepting of others, and there was a sense of inclusivity and community. Creativity and innovation flourished, as people bounced ideas off of one another and collaborated on projects. It was a time of growth and progress, with breakthroughs in sports and the arts.

But as time went on, the negative effects of this extroverted culture began to surface. With a lack of focus on introspection and contemplation, people became increasingly impulsive and emotional in their decision-making. This led to conflicts and disagreements, with people struggling to reconcile their differing opinions and viewpoints.

As the pressure to conform to extroverted behavior grew stronger, those who didn't fit the mold began to be ostracized and marginalized until they were killed or died off. The once-inclusive society became exclusive and discriminatory, with people only accepting those who matched their outgoing, overly social, and energetic demeanor. Everyone needed to be a go-getter and they had to go get the most in order to survive. Everything had to be done the loudest, the fastest, the hardest, every party, every meeting, the more grandiose, the better. Everyone had to follow the convoluted politically correct way of saying things about anything. Priorities and rights were warped over time to benefit the most popular and the most influential.

The lack of consideration for consequences and for others led to reckless behavior, with people engaging in dangerous activities and taking unnecessary risks to please their followers and gain the most fame. All they wanted was to leap before they looked. To chase every thrill. This led to accidents and injuries, and many lives were lost as a result. Until Most Awesome Death became a thing and people who were alive had a hard time beating out the popularity of those who once lived.

As the tension between the extroverted factions grew stronger, it eventually erupted into all-out chaos. Everyone trying to set the bar higher in extreme stunts and everything was the ultimate popularity contest. The world was soon torn apart by a clash of ideals, with people fighting for their way of life and their values over others. In the end, the once-lively and energetic world was reduced to a state of despair and destruction.

As the world descended into chaos, the extroverted qualities that were once praised and celebrated became the very downfall of society. The constant need for stimulation and excitement led to a culture of excess and indulgence, with people chasing after their desires without consideration for others or the consequences. America's Next Top Idol became The World's Next Top Idol, and there could only be one. The other ninety-nine percent would do whatever it took.

The same impulsive behavior that once fueled creativity and innovation now fueled conflict and violence. Warlords and power-hungry individuals rose to prominence, using their influence and popularity to sway others to their cause. The lack of consideration for others' perspectives and opinions led to brutal conflicts, wars, and misunderstandings, with little regard for human life or the greater good. So long as their own personal ideals and emotions were satisfied, it wouldn’t matter who died for it.

As the world burned around them, the extroverts continued to pursue their own impulses, heedless of the consequences. The once-inclusive society had devolved into a ruthless and cutthroat world, where only the most popular influencers survived and the followers were left to fend for themselves.

In the end, it was the very qualities that had once made the extroverts so successful and admired that brought about their downfall. The need for attention and popularity led to greed and monopolization. They once applauded the man who was able to have the most children with the most women. Cheered him on. Laughed about it. Until only about ten percent of the men in the world had a hundred percent of the desirable women. The globe became a world of chaos and destruction for everyone else. Warlords and their harems sat high above everyone else and their loyal followers would protect them for miles around just for the slim chance to experience sex.

Until one day someone very different was born. Someone who could see things differently than the others, feel things differently, think about them differently. He spent day and night coming up with a solution until one day he believed he might have the answer. A way forward for us all. And thus begins the story of our hero. His name was

[This text was found by me Andontrimax. I dont remember my last name. Most of the world is gone now. I am the only one in my group who can reed and rite. We need this fore the fire or we will freeze tonite. I will try to hide it. I found this next to a body that was burned. All the bones were broken. It was very old. Thats all I no.]
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