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The interpretation and insight that Ki brings to our path are both poignant and prophetic

The Essence of Ki


What Is Ki?

These are the thoughts of (KI) and yet ki is nothing more than a thought itself.
A thought within a thought. A wondrous conundrum. A mysterious enigma.
An appropriate analogy for this process of life.

It is neither a someone nor a something. It is more a concept than a reality.
We did not ask for its presence, and there was no search to find it.
It did not knock on the door and request entry.
One day it did not exist, and the next, it was there.

It is that thing that we all want and need to bring purpose to our existence.
It is not our mascot. If anything, we are the acolytes.
It is a symbol of what Lone Cypress Workshop wishes to be.
What it someday hopes to accomplish.

It does not attempt to teach us, and yet allows us to learn from ourselves,
as we examine and question those things that impact our lives
in the smallest ways as well as the profound ramifications of the actions we take.

Ki is the essence of Lone Cypress.
It represents the value of what we have to offer.
It constantly stands as a reminder, not of what we are today,
but what we strive to be tomorrow.

Ki is the core belief and desire of our mission, if there is such a thing.

We wish to think and discuss, with reason and respect.

We wish to continue with thoughts that consider a multitude of possibilities
for the questions that plague us all.

And we wish to think even more, attempting resolution using the information we have discovered,
to bring a degree of peace and contentment to that existence we call life.

Ki is all of that and so much more.

He is our conscience.

She is our soul.

Ki is life.

Ki is neither a god nor a religion.
It created nothing. It dictates to no one.
It is simply the observation of some obvious truths that are offered to engage
your own personal thoughts to make sense of a somewhat incomprehensible existence
between individuals who ultimately all want the same thing, and yet are unsure how to go about it.

But truth is ofttimes an elusive quest. Some say it is an impossible one.
Who can tell, but we have no real option except to try.
Without truth, the whole concept of existence tends to lose value and validity.
That is the fundamental reason to spend the time and effort
on our journey of investigation and discovery.
Our hopes and expectations are that these thoughts can eventually
be stepping stones to that understanding and enlightenment.
They are nothing more than suggestions or an invitation for your consideration.

Our representation of Ki (KI) has been derived
from the traditional shodo or kanji artistic interpretations.
Ki is an intrinsic aspect of the Japanese language and one of the most used characters.
It is also fundamental in the Chinese language, deriving from the word chi.
It is a meaningful concept across a wide variety of history and cultures.
Our own interpretation is a symbolic representation characterizing the tree,
peripherally in our case, the Cypress.

But its meaning embodies more depth than a simple caricature.
The image of the tree is indicative of the basic relationship with the earth,
and thus life itself.

Ki was the Sumerian Goddess of the Earth, and the connection is deeply felt.
The Chinese Chi (ki) is the circulating life force that exists in all things and the attempt
to find the balance between the positive and negative elements inherent in life,
the yin and the yang,
and is prevalent in both their traditional philosophical beliefs and their medicine.

The appropriateness of our ki becomes even more poignant as we discover that the word
is also used to denote the internal power of a warrior and the strength of character
and lack of fear to express the integrity of self as well as being a good friend and ally.
All extremely valuable attributes and intriguingly prophetic.
It is difficult to decide whether we discovered our muse, or they chose us.

The thoughts we present are honest and heartfelt.
They are all a part of our journey and we hope you can find
something of value in them as you walk your own path.

Whether you laugh or you cry, it really doesn't matter.
It is the thought that is important.
The feeling, the emotion, the understanding.
We want to wake your mind and surprise your heart.
We wish to touch your soul.
If you are lucky enough to find something that you wish to take away with you,
please feel free to do so.
The words, the thoughts, they are our gift to you.
Wrap them up and take them with you. There is no charge.
There is only a wish for peace.

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Ki experiences the world from a different perspective. The questions define existence.
by Lone Cypress Workshop

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