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The Prince wants Victor alive.
Victor’s sword flew from his hand, the bloody knight quickly knocked the weaponless fairy to the ground. Victor grimaced as the man stepped on his hand and pressed the long steel blade against his neck. “All you have to do is submit to the prince and you can live a life of luxury.”

The fairy gave a fierce glare. “I’d rather die.” he snarled. He stretched his fingertips to grab the blade hidden amongst the Licoris flowers.

The knight retracted his blade, “Unfortunately for you, that isn’t an option. I’m under orders to bring you back alive.”

Victor reached the blade and slashed at the knight, “Your mistake. I’m never going back.”

Taken off guard, the injured knight dropped his weapon and grabbed his wound. He stumbled backwards and collapsed upon the ground. Victor slowly stood up, weaving from his injuries. Dragging his weapon, he stumbled over to the collapsed knight. He raised the heavy blade above his head. “Any last words?”

The man coughed and sputtered through the blood, “Yeah… I have a message for you… from the prince…”

The fairy scowled and hissed, “What could that… that… damned man want.”

The knight smirked, “He said… No matter where, or how far… you run… he will always find you…”

Victor shook his head, “He can try. But I’ll always get away.” The knight closed his eyes as the silver blade came down on his throat in a swift motion.
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