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What it says on the tin basically. Free Verse
Don’t tell me about your hobbies
how you fill the empty hours
what you do to bide your time

Don’t tell me what job you want
how you expect to make money
what cog you’ll be in the capitalist machine

Don’t tell me the things you tell the world
how many hours you sleep at night
what your favorite color is and why

Tell me about the mysteries that keep you awake
how many hours you spend wondering about the universe
what thoughts you lock away inside

Tell me about your passions
how you would live if dreams were currency
what keeps the sun and moon hanging in your sky

Tell me everything you never thought you could share
how many skeletons are in your closet
what fears you’re keeping at bay

Show me the colors of your soul
I’ll show you mine
Small talk is a thief of time
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