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When a casual date becomes one to remember.
The street lights reflected on the snow creating a shimmering effect. Ian observed his surroundings, hunched slightly to help keep his body warmth from escaping. Cassius returned to his partner and handed him a steamed bun. Ian mumbled, “Thanks.” And held the warm food to his face.

Cassius smiled and slipped a rose behind his ear. “My pleasure.” Ian blushed and gently touched the rose.

The couple wandered around town, looking at all the little displays and enjoying the company of one another. They eventually made their way into a small park nearby and found a bench to sit on.
Ian rested his head on Cassius’s shoulder when he spoke, “That was fun.”

Cassius nodded as he looked at the sky above him. He whispered, “Ian…”

Ian readjusted so he could look at his lover. “Hm?”

Cassius pointed at a twinkling star in the sky, “You see that star there?”

“Mhm, what about it?”

“It has the same last name as me.”

“Oh, that’s pretty cool.”

Cassius gently lifted Ian and positioned himself so they were facing each other, “I have a question for you, and I need you to answer it seriously.”

Ian had a puzzled look on his face while he said, “Okay…”

Cassius reached into his coat pocket. “We’ve been together for a couple years now. You have been my everything since the day we met and will continue to be my everything.” Ian covered his mouth when Cassius pulled out a small box and opened it revealing a silver ring. “I want you to be my moon to my star… Will you marry me and become Ian Ciaran?”

Ian smiled, a tear rolled down his cheek, “Yes. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

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