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by Reiko
Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2294695
Agatha gets the surprise of a lifetime when she picked up a strange book.
Agatha walked down a long path in the library that she owned. She walked this path every day for the last 10 years she has owned this library. The names of books line the walls of the path, History, Science, Biography, all here as she walks to the back of the library. Children's books are next, the hardbacks of most books become brighter and more eye-catching as if to jump out at the person and shout "Read me!" Agatha keeps walking.

Every day she walks this path she looks over the books she owns and gives a long sigh, hoping in her heart she too could go on an adventure like in the stories she reads to children. Agatha keeps walking. She reaches the last book genre in her path to the back of the library, Fantasy. She has read almost every one of these books. She loves the imagination of the authors who write these books, how they can take a world so different from their own and make a story from it.

Agatha continues walking, expecting to reach the end of her path at any moment. Walking, walking, walking. Then she begins to notice that she has been walking for a very long time. She looks around at the books that still line the walls but she no longer recognizes the titles.

Coming over to pick up a book from the library wall, she is surprised to find that she does not recognize the language that the book is printed in. "That's strange," she says out loud to herself, "I would have noted if I owned a book in a different language."

Agatha turns the page of the book in her hands and is very surprised to see what looks like a drawing of her, down to her coral brown hair that she keeps in a long ponytail and the sharp blue eyes she has to keep the library occupants quiet.

Agatha closes the book, creeped out by its images, but when she goes to put the book back on the shelf she finds that the shelf is no longer there. Startled, she looks around only to find that she is in a forest with trees that grow so tall she can't see the top of them.

Agatha can hardly stand when she can't recognize where she is. She stands in that spot in shock for what feels like hours but in reality, only a few minutes have passed. Agatha starts walking through the forest, book in hand. Walking, walking, walking, along the forest floor.

Agatha continues walking until she reaches a path. In the distance she can see what looks like a castle, even stranger, she can see what looks like a dragon attacking the castle in question. "Ah!" Agatha exclaims, "I must have gone insane, that explains it."

Agatha looks at the dragon that is currently setting fire to the castle's stable only to be hit by a rain of arrows. Agatha starts toward the castle, "Well if I'm insane I might as well have some fun."

As Agatha approaches the castle, she realizes that the scene before her is not a figment of her imagination. The dragon is indeed attacking the castle, and the defenders are doing everything they can to stop it.

Without a second thought, Agatha joins the battle. She runs towards the castle gate and manages to slip through before it closes. Inside, she finds herself in the middle of a chaotic scene. The castle defenders are fighting for their lives, and the dragon is wreaking havoc with its fiery breath.

Agatha quickly takes stock of her surroundings and tries to find a way to help. She spots a group of archers on a nearby wall, struggling to get a clear shot at the dragon. Without hesitation, Agatha runs towards them, dodging falling debris and flames. When she reaches the archers, she realizes that they are running low on arrows. She quickly rummages through her bag and finds a spare quiver of arrows that she had brought with her.

"Here," she shouts, handing the quiver to the archers. "Use these!"

The archers nod in gratitude and start firing arrows at the dragon with renewed vigor. Agatha then spots a group of soldiers who are trying to fight off the dragon with their swords. She runs towards them and picks up a discarded sword lying on the ground. With the sword in her hand, she joins the soldiers and starts fighting the dragon.

The battle rages on for what feels like hours. Agatha fights with all her might, and with the help of the castle defenders, they manage to drive the dragon away. When the battle finally ends, Agatha collapses onto the ground, exhausted but exhilarated.

As she lies there, catching her breath, she realizes that she is no longer in the forest but back in her library. The book that she had been holding is still in her hand, and she flips through its pages, trying to make sense of what had just happened. The book is written in a language she does not understand, but the images in it are clear. They depict her as a hero, fighting off monsters and saving people in different worlds.

Agatha looks up from the book, feeling a sense of awe and wonder. She realizes that her wish to go on an adventure like the ones in the books she loves has come true and that she has been given the chance to be a hero. She closes her eyes and takes a deep breath, feeling grateful for the experience she has just had.

As she opens her eyes, Agatha realizes that she has a newfound sense of purpose. She wants to help people and make a difference in the world, just like she did in the book. With a renewed sense of energy, Agatha stands up and looks around at the books that line the walls of her library. She sees them in a new light, not just as stories but as portals to different worlds and adventures waiting to be had.

Agatha decides to use her library as a place to inspire others to go on their own adventures and make a difference in the world. She starts hosting events and talks, inviting authors and adventurers to share their stories with her community. She also starts a program to donate books to schools and libraries in underprivileged areas, hoping to inspire more people to follow their dreams and make a difference.

From that day on, Agatha walks down the path in her library with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing that there are endless adventures waiting to be had and that she has the power to make a difference in the world.

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