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Rated: E · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2294767
A date with a rollercoaster of emotions.
Cassius pulled into the lot of the local amusement park. He chuckled when he glanced at Ian drooling in his slumber. Cassius gently shook the sleeping omega. “Ian, it’s time to get up.”

Ian begrudgingly got up mumbling, “I’m awake…”

Cassius tapped his chin. “You have a little something on your face.”

Ian looked at him confused and wiped his chin. His face flushed when he realized that drool had crusted to his face. Cassius laughed as he emerged from the vehicle. Ian followed suit while saying, “Don’t laugh at me!”

Cassius smirked. “Not laughing at you. I’m laughing with you.” Ian glared at the cheeky alpha as they walked into the park.

“So, we can go on the roller coaster, the ferris wheel, or…” He looked at his date. “the haunted house~”

Ian asked, “Why did you emphasize haunted house?”

Cassius shrugged. “Oh, I just was wondering if my little scaredy cat could handle it.”

“Ha! Of course I can handle it!”

Cassius smiled. “Then let's go.”

They emerged 30 minutes later. Cassius patted Ian’s back. “Are you alright?”

Ian sat hunched over on the bench. “That was freaking terrifying.”

Cassius nodded and noticed a parade, “Look over there.”

Ian slowly raised his head. “Ah, so many colors.” They watched as dancers and floats marched by displaying tiny stories with each one. Once the parade was over, they ventured through the park trying lots of snacks and rides before ending the day on the ferris wheel.

Ian looked out the small window and then to his lover. “Today was fun. We should bring Elyse next time.”

Cassius nodded. “I agree. However…” Cassius gently tilted the omega’s head so they looked eye to eye. “You should focus on the now.” He leaned in and gave Ian a kiss.
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